Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The End of Our Story by Meg Haston

I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.
The End of Our Story
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Meg Haston's romantic and thrilling new YA novel explores a star-crossed high school relationship in a tale rife with deeply buried secrets and shocking revelations.

Bridge and Wil have been entangled in each other’s lives for years. Under the white-hot Florida sun, they went from kids daring each other to swim past the breakers to teenagers stealing kisses between classes. But when Bridge betrayed Wil during their junior year, she shattered his heart and their relationship along with it.

Then Wil’s family suffers a violent loss, and Bridge rushes back to Wil’s side. As they struggle to heal old wounds and start falling for each other all over again, Bridge and Wil discover just how much has changed in the past year. As the fierce current of tragedy threatens to pull them under, they must learn how to swim on their own—or risk drowning together.

The End of Our Story by Meg Haston

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The End of Our Story “I know that Wil and I are bigger than one night on a dock. I know that we’re more than a few damn good years. We go longer, farther, deeper. We are not finished yet. We can’t be.”

This was a YA contemporary story about a girl and boy who had previously been together, but had broken up.

I liked Bridget and thought that she was a good person, even if she did make mistakes whilst drunk. She knew that what she had done was wrong though, and did her best to make up for it.

The storyline in this alternated between Bridget in the present day, and her boyfriend Wil in the past. We found out why they had broken up, and why they hadn’t gotten back together, and then an event happened which brought them together again. It’s hard to say more spoiling the surprises, but I liked the twists in this book, and even though I guessed the biggest twist quite early on, I still enjoyed the story, and the secrets as they were revealed were quite heart-breaking.

The ending to this was quite open, and I really wanted to find out what happened next!

7 out of 10

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