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All the Forever Things by Jolene Perry

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All the Forever Things
Blurb (from Goodreads):
From growing up in the funeral home her family runs, Gabriella knows that death is a part of life and nothing is forever. Yet Bree, her best friend, has been a constant; it's always been the two of them together against the world. But when Bree starts dating a guy the worst guy from the ultra-popular world, suddenly she doesn't have time for Gabe anymore. Now the only one at school who wants to spend time with "Graveyard Gabe" is Hartman, the new guy, but Gabe, not wanting to lose her mind over a boyfriend the way Bree has, holds back. It takes a very strange prom night (with the family hearse instead of a limo) for Gabe to truly fall for Hartman. But when she leaves the after-prom party with him, she's not there for Bree or for the deadly accident that happens that night. Bree survives, but will she and Gabe ever be able to rebuild their friendship?"

All the Forever Things by Jolene Perry

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

All the Forever Things "Wanna guess?" He grins.
I glance at the man's face, a little grayish now, but it will pink pretty quickly once the embalming fluid fills his veins.
The man is older, but not super old. About ten years older than my dad and pretty overweight. "Heart attack?"

This was a YA contemporary story about a girl who lived at a funeral home.

Gabriella came across as a quite normal sort of girl, even if she did like to play up the whole funeral-home thing by dressing like Wednesday Adams. She did seem to really love her best friend Bree though, and continued to try and look out for her, even when Bree didn't want her to. Bree on the other hand didn't seem to take Gabriella's feelings into account much at all, and only really seemed interested in her new boyfriend.

The storyline in this was about Gabriella living at the funeral home where her parents worked, and about her best friend Bree who was dating a boy who Gabriella didn't like. We also got a bit of romance between Gabriella and a boy called Hartman, but mostly the story was about Gabriella's dislike of Bree's boyfriend, and the rift that caused in their relationship. What was weird though was the way that Gabriella and her friends had so much access to the dead bodies! Surely that isn't right?!

The ending to this was quite surprising, and certainly shook things up a bit! I can't say that I really cared all that much about the characters affected by the accident though.

6 out of 10

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