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Figment (Insanity #2) by Cameron Jace

Figment (Insanity, #2)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
After her encounter with the Cheshire Cat, Alice Wonder can hardly tell reality from imagination. But when kids have their head chopped off and stuffed in watermelons all over the city, it's clear that another Wonderland Monster has arrived, possibly scarier than the Cheshire. Alice, along with Professor Pillar, have to solve the killer's puzzles before a horrible event threatens the death of millions. Then Jack Diamonds appears again. This time, Alice must know who he really is.

Figment by Cameron Jace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Figment (Insanity, #2) “Either I am mad beyond all madness, or I can travel through time.”

This was another crazy story about Alice, but unfortunately I got lost along the way.

Firstly, I really liked the first book in the series, but because it’s been nearly two years since I read it, I have to say that I had forgotten what had happened a bit. I did read the recap in this book, but it didn’t jog my memory all that much, so that was possibly a bad place to start.

Anyway, I found this book to be pretty crazy, and unfortunately not in a good way. I got confused as to what was going on, and as the story progressed it only got worse. It was really hard to tell what was actually happening, and who was real and who wasn’t, and why things were happening that I got really quite lost, and I really lost interest.

The ending to this was likewise confusing, and I didn’t really enjoy this book overall.

6 out of 10

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