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Echo Into Darkness (The Echo Saga #2) by Skye Genaro

Sponsored post: I received a digital copy of this book for free. Thanks to author Skye Genaro.
Echo Into Darkness
Blurb (from  Goodreads):
So close to death that he could probably taste it, Connor set his gaze on his hidden audience. At a moment when most prisoners would lash out in panic, he stared down his tormentors.
Behind that stormy, warring face, was tenderness that only I knew. A devotion that ran so deep, he had risked everything to search for me: his family’s wrath, his position in society, and a return to his own time.
Now, his life was in my hands.

As Echo tries to piece her life together after the devastating separation from her soulmate, she finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with bewitching criminals whose paranormal terrorism threatens to take over society.

Her one ally, the enticing and arrogant Jaxon, has escaped persecution in West Region for crimes he swears he did not commit. He vows to help Echo but he seems just as determined to drive her crazy—one minute, he's trying to seduce her; the next, he's infuriatingly aloof.

When Jaxon's lust for danger leads Echo closer to the faction's secrets, one thing becomes evident: Jaxon's got deadly secrets of his own.
Echo Into Darkness is a story of power, passion, and deceit that will keep you turning pages and leave you breathless. 

Echo Into Darkness by Skye Genaro

My rating: 3.25 of 5 stars

Echo Into Darkness “All I knew for certain was that my gifts – the telekinesis, the levitation, the whole crazy lot of it – put me in serious danger.”

This was a YA sci-fi/fantasy sequel.

Echo was an okay character and she did seem to cope well with her separation from Connor, and even considered dating again.

The storyline in this was about Echo trying to track down an organisation called the Mutila, who found kids with supernatural gifts and then used them to their own advantage. We also had a surprising character turning up in Echo’s life, and a bit of romance. The romance for me was a little odd though, as I just kept expecting Connor to turn up, so Echo kissing someone else seemed a little wrong. There was quite a bit of action in this book, but the book did begin to feel a bit long after the half-way mark, and I began to lose interest a bit.

The ending to this was okay and left us with an idea of what to expect in the next book.

6.5 out of 10

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