Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Fixes by Owen Matthews

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The Fixes
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Gossip Girl meets Heathers in this wicked YA novel about a group of high school A-listers on a mission to root out phoniness in their sun-drenched beachside town.

Eric Connelly is crumbling under the weight of his dad’s expectations. He can’t seem to live up to the “Connelly Man” standards—but when he meets the mysterious, free-spirited Jordan Grant, his dad’s rules seem so much less important than they used to.

Jordan and Eric—now “E”—join up with two of the most popular girls in school to combat their rich-kid boredom by cruising their beachside hometown of Capilano. But as Jordan seduces E further into this depraved life, the group starts to kill time in more nefarious ways.

It’s Jordan who escalates the pack’s dares from mostly harmless jaunts like joyrides in boosted cars and Bling Ring–style luxury shoplifting sprees into more violent activities. Eric is intoxicated . . . swept up in the pack’s activities, even as Paige and Haley start to have reservations about what they’ve been doing. When Jordan starts talking big—can E help him build a bomb, he wonders?—E must decide if he’s too far down the rabbit hole to back out now.

The Fixes by Owen Matthews

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Fixes “This is a story about a boy’s first crush, and how it blew up in his face.
And all of its explosive consequences.

This was a contemporary story, about a group of teens who wanted to ‘fix’ things they deemed wrong.

“This town needs fixing,” Jordan tells Eric. “And we’re the only people who can see it.”

Eric came across as quite a sensible character, and it seemed a little odd how he allowed himself to be led so easily just because he fancied someone. I also thought that he should have had more sense than to have gone along with the things this group were doing.

“You’re the Suicide Pack!”

The storyline in this was about four teens – Eric, Jordan, Paige, and Haley who were collectively called ‘The Suicide Pack’. They pulled pranks in an effort to right things they deemed wrong, but really took things too far. Shoplifting is one thing, but stealing cars, setting cars on fire, and building bombs are different things entirely, and someone could have gotten seriously hurt or killed.

“What we have is a basic pressure-cooker bomb,”

The writing in this was also a bit quirky, and the chapters were really short, in fact there were 365 chapters in a 528 page book!

The ending to this was realistic, if not happy, and I was glad that there were real-life consequences for the things these kids got up to.

6.5 out of 10

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