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Yours Forever (Reign #3) by Joya Ryan

Yours Forever (Reign)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
For fans of J Lynn, Jodi Ellen Malpas and Sylvia Day comes the final book in the Reign trilogy. Time is running out, who will Lana choose?
One man has her heart . . .
Lana's life has shattered around her. Callum and Jack have been lying to her, the truth behind her family is turning out to be darker than she'd ever have suspected and it seems as though she can't trust anything - especially her own desires.
The other her soul
Torn between two men and surrounded by secrets, Lana is forced to make an agonising choice, one that could destroy not only her, but the people she loves. What - and who - does she really want?
An all-consuming, powerfully addictive love story, the Reign trilogy is not to be missed

  Yours Forever by Joya Ryan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Yours Forever (Reign)This was an okay end to the series, but it was a little unrealistic in my opinion.

Lana really needed to make a choice in this book, stringing both Jack and Cal along seemed wrong to me, and she just needed to pick one!

The storyline in this was partly about working out who was trying to kill Lana, and partly about her trying to choose between Cal and Jack. Admittedly she loved both of them, but having sex with one and then the other just seemed like she was betraying them both.

The ending to this was the unrealistic part (highlight to view spoiler - I just can’t believe that they would happily become a threesome! )

6.5 out of 10

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