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Unforgivable (Invincible #2) by Amy Reed

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Unforgivable (Invincible, #2)
Blurb (from Gooddreads):
In this raw, gut-wrenching, and beautifully written sequel to Invincible, Marcus continues Evie’s story of their intense romance, a la Gayle Forman’s Where She Went, after saving her life only to find his life—and their relationship—falling to pieces.

Marcus knows pain. The kind that swallows you like a black hole. His brother committed suicide, his mother left him, and his dad mostly ignores him. Relief only seems to come from drugs, alcohol, and secret acts of self-destruction.

Until he met Evie. Together, they lived in the moment. They fell in love—hard—creating their own beautiful world. But they each had their own secrets, their own pain, hovering like a thick fog, suffocating them in a world too small to share.

Unforgivable takes off where Invincible left us—with Evie drowning in San Francisco Bay. Marcus finds her just in time, but her survival is not the happy ending he was hoping for. Forbidden from seeing Evie by her parents and unable to reach her, Marcus learns of a pain that might break him completely.

Marcus spirals into an even deeper darkness and is forced by new events to face the demons of his past. The pain of losing Evie becomes tangled with the loss of his mother and brother, and he must finally face the ghosts he has been trying so desperately to outrun or risk losing Evie forever.

Unforgivable by Amy Reed

My rating: 3.12 of 5 stars

Unforgivable (Invincible, #2) “I wanted to save you. I wanted to be the solution to all your pain.”

This was a YA contemporary story dealing with drug addiction.

I found this book a little strange at first because of the shift in point of view from Evie to Marcus, but it was good to see Marcus’ side of the story, and to see how messed up he was by his relationship with Evie.

“I am either halfway to saving Evie, or halfway to knowing it’s too late.”

The storyline in this jumped back and forth a bit between when Evie and Marcus first met, a time when Marcus’ brother was still alive, and the present, and at times the writing was almost poetic. We had Marcus reliving what had happened previously and also trying to get Evie back, even when her parents called the cops on him.
There wasn’t a lot of romance in this, but it was clear how strongly Marcus felt for Evie, and how hard he fought to get her back.

“And now this hell. Life without you. A vacuum, a black hole.”

The ending to this was pretty hopeful, even if it wasn’t really a happily ever after.

6.25 out of 10

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