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This Song Is (Not) for You by Laura Nowlin

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This Song Is (Not) for You
BLurb (from Goodreads):
Bandmate, best friend or boyfriend? For Ramona, one choice could mean losing them all.

Ramona and Sam are best friends. She fell for him the moment they met, but their friendship is just too important for her to mess up. Sam loves April, but he would never expect her to feel the same way--she's too quirky and cool for someone like him. Together, they have a band, and put all of their feelings for each other into music.

Then Ramona and Sam meet Tom. He's their band's missing piece, and before Ramona knows it, she's falling for him. But she hasn't fallen out of love with Sam either.

How can she be true to her feelings without breaking up the band?

This Song Is (Not) for You by Laura Nowlin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This Song Is (Not) for You"So here’s the plan,” I say. I am taking Ramona glitter bombing.

This was a slightly strange story, about three teens and their relationships.

Ramona was a bit of an odd character, and she always seemed to be hyperactive about something. Tom was a quiet boy who liked glitter a lot, and liked to do illegal things like putting fish into fountains, and Sam seemed the most normal out of the bunch (which isn’t saying much).

The storyline in this seemed to be about these three teens playing weird music, and glitter bombing things (including a fire hydrant! So irresponsible!), as well as their relationship with one another. We started the book with Ramona and Sam secretly fancying each other, and then we got Tom thrown into the mix, even though he seemed to have no libido at all.

The ending to this was okay, although things were still a little weird on the romance front.

6 out of 10

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