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Tales from the Graveyard: The Complete Collection (Tales From the Graveyard #1-4) by Susan Shultz

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Tales from the Graveyard: The Complete Collection
Blurb (from Goodreads):
In a pleasant little New England town, there is a house on a hill. Its garden is decorated with gravestones.

The house has stood for ages now, and occupants have come and gone.

But those who died there never leave.

They just watch…and wait.

Susan Shultz's haunting Tales From the Graveyard series is now available in one complete digital collection.

The Blacksmith.




Read Tales From the Graveyard: The Complete Collection today, and you'll see.

Our ghosts never leave us.

Tales from the Graveyard: The Complete Collection by Susan Shultz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tales from the Graveyard: The Complete Collection Book 1:

"Tonight, I sit in the graveyard and think of Sam. Poor Sam, always hoping to get a tomato from my dead garden."

Well, this was a bit of an odd story about a divorced woman who was unable to have children, who liked to ‘garden’ a graveyard, and talk to the ghosts of the people buried there. The story was less creepy, and more ‘this girl has issues’ though, which I’m not sure was the intention.

6 out of 10

Book 2:

“My name is Jessie.
And I still cannot leave.”

This was such a sad story! Even though I knew where the story was heading (because we were told it in book 1), I couldn’t help but feel sorry for poor Jessie, and everything she went through. Being unwanted by her own family, having nowhere to go, being abused by her mother-in-law, and then what happened to her baby. Poor girl!

7 out of 10.

Book 3:

"My roots spring forth and dig deep.
My story will grow and thrive.
I have found myself in Ainsley's garden."

Bit of an odd story about a journalist who gets a little too involved in the story of Ainsley and the murders she committed, and ends up paying for it. Bit tragic really.

6 out of 10

Book 4:

"Maybe we're all crazy."

This was another slightly odd story about Sam who moves into Ainsley's house with his pregnant wife. Ainsley of course doesn't take it terribly well. I found the ending to this one quite confusing, and who would name their child after a serial killer?

6 out of 10


These weren't amazing, but they were enjoyable stories. I wouldn't have wanted to read them back to back though, I definitely needed a break between them.

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