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Resistance (Night School #4) by C.J. Daugherty

Resistance (Night School, #4)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
After months on the run, Allie returns to Cimmeria Academy to find the school in turmoil. The atmosphere is thick with danger. Overshadowing it all is Nathaniel. He is close – very close – to getting everything he wants.

A secret civil war is tearing the British political elite apart. And Allie’s family is in the thick of it. Both sides want her. She knows Nathaniel will take her by any means necessary. But she is determined to fight him to the end.

Her friends are ready to stand by her – even to die for her. But if anything happens to them she won’t be able to live with herself.

The fightback starts here. Everything is at stake now. The winner takes all…

Resistance by C.J. Daugherty

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Resistance (Night School, #4)
‘Looking at the sky is like looking back in time. Many of these stars are dead now. Burned out.’
The thought sent a melancholy shiver through her.
‘That’s sad,’ she said. ‘It makes me feel so … temporary.’
‘Everything is temporary,’ he said into her hair. ‘Even the stars don’t last.’

Okay, so this is the 4th book in the series, and it pretty much focused on the love-triangle between Sylvain-Allie-Carter, with a little bit of indecision over how these people are hoping to deal with Nathaniel once and for all.

The gang all made it back to the boarding school in this book, Allie deliberated over Sylvain and Carter, and didn’t really make a decision one way or the other, although we did get one unexpected death. This book felt pretty long though, I actually have earache from listening to this book all day, and I must have missed the ‘AWESOMENESS’ that everybody else seems to be going on about, because this was only okay for me. I mean a lot of this book just seemed to be Allie thinking about how dreamy Sylvain was, and every time I tried to switch from listening to reading I just got frustrated by the slow pace.

"If she did love him, why couldn't she just say so?
And why did she feel so empty when Carer walked away?"

We did get a little bit of action at the end, but it was a long time coming, and then we got left with a cliff-hanger.

6 out of 10

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