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The Camelot Shadow: A Novel by Sean Gibson

Sponsored post: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Sean Gibson.
The Camelot Shadow: A Novel
Blurb (from Goodreads):
“A chance to save her. Improbably, impossibly, inconceivably.”

Lord Alfred Fitzwilliam spends each day in much the same way: caring for his terminally ill wife and trying to lose himself in the dusty tomes that fill his library. Everything changes when he receives a visit from a man representing a clandestine organization operating with the backing of Queen Victoria herself. The group seeks his aid in finding an Arthurian artifact that, legend holds, can cure its bearer of any wound or disease.

Skeptical but desperate to help his wife, Alfred is convinced that the fabled item might actually exist after witnessing a seemingly impossible display of power by the organization's leader, James Nigel. He decides to pursue the treasure, accompanied by an eccentric scholar, a deadly druid, and his best friend, a sardonic bookseller who is far more than he seems. As he follows an arcane trail of clues from the gas-lit streets of London to the wilds of Scotland and deep into ancient catacombs in Italy, Alfred becomes enmeshed in a web of hidden agendas, secret societies, and ancient enchantments. Along the way, he learns a dark secret about Nigel’s past—and the true power of the artifact he seeks.

Steeped in a compelling mythology and filled with unexpected twists, The Camelot Shadow will leave readers stunned, breathless, and wrestling with an impossible question: what do you do with an object that has the power to both save the world and destroy it?

The Camelot Shadow: A Novel by Sean Gibson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Camelot Shadow: A Novel(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Sean Gibson.)

“You cannot be in search of Excalibur…”
Well, we are not pursuing that particular item for one very simple reason.”
“And why, pray tell, might that be?”
Henry shrugged. “Because we’ve already found it.”

This was a detailed story about a man searching for relics from the time of King Arthur, in order to save the life of his wife.

Alfred went to such lengths in this book to find the scabbard of Excalibur, as he believed that it held the key to curing his wife of the illness from which she suffered. Alfred seemed to be a fairly upstanding sort of man, who really loved to collect rare books.

“Alfred had amassed an impressive collection of Arthurian lore in his library, including some exceedingly rare and coveted tomes.”

The storyline in this delved into the history of Arthur and Excalibur, as well as having its own storyline concerning Alfred. I have to say that I did find the story quite complex at points, and I did have trouble following what was going on a bit, although I think this was more a problem with me than a problem with the book!

“Please explain to me how a sword found in a stone comes to have a scabbard anyway… or do the tales omit that little detail.”

That being said, the writing in this was really quite special, and this read like a classic rather than a modern novel.

“when the sword hit the water, a boat emerged, crewed by a trio of faeries. They took Arthur to Avalon, where he was to remain until he returned to save his people during their hour of greatest need.”

The ending to this was hopeful, although it really was quite sad.
6 out of 10.

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