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Seven Days: The Beginning (Jess and Liam's Story, #1) by F.L. Black

Seven Days: The Beginning (Jess and Liam's Story,  #1)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
A Madam Jolie Playhouse Novella

Welcome to Madam Jolie's Playhouse...
A private place to play...
18+ Warning:

Jessica Caughlin has landed the job of a lifetime. She has worked her entire life to bring herself out of the underbelly of Miami's unseen drug pushers and pimps. At F.E.A.R. Enterprises, she meets the wealthy and handsome Liam Firth, the Architectural powerhouse behind F.E.A.R. and who will soon be her boss.

Jessica's plans come undone when she finds she is expected to pay a debt to protect her family and save her life. She has exactly seven days to come up with thousands of dollars before the drug lords of Miami come to collect. Desperate and scared she finds herself, in a twist of fate, on the doorstep of Madam Jolie's, a private BDSM club...


word count: 35,000

This novella is intended to be an erotic fantasy, set in a fictional location with fictional characters, for 18 and up readers.
Contains explicit depictions of sex, strong language, and mild BDSM.

Seven Days: The Beginning by F.L. Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Seven Days: The Beginning (Jess and Liam's Story,  #1)Downloaded for free from

“It is an exclusive club for those who have particular tastes.”

This was a really sexy little erotica/BDSM novella, and I have to say that Liam was so sexy!

I felt really sorry for Jess. Her mother had really screwed up her life, and it was really unfair the way she was expected to pay for her mother’s mistakes.

I felt like the story took a little while to get going, and it did seem a little information-heavy in places, but I guess this was just about setting the scene a bit. It did remind me of ‘The Arrangement’ at the half-way mark, but thankfully the second half of the story was really different.

This was quite a sexy story, and BDSM elements were introduced as the story went along.

The ending to this was pretty good ,and I’m now looking forward to book 2!
7.5 out of 10

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