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Saffron - The Blood Swan by D. Aswini

Saffron - The Blood Swan
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Needs and wanderings for blood in this vampire love story. An old magician injected venom of werewolves into his grandson and his friends to protect the world from turbulent vampires. The pack needed help from a vampire to find out some secrets.

Will the vampire help the pack to ruin their kind and bring peace or hid to save it's kind?

Saffron - The Blood Swan by D. Aswini

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Saffron - The Blood SwanSource: I won a digital copy of this book. Thanks to author D. Aswini.

“You look very palatable, and delicious to me,” the vampire said in a whisper, sniffing my scent. “I wonder, should I keep you to myself or share you with me friends?”

I’m not really sure where to start with this review, it took me up ‘til the 39% mark to work out that the main character was a girl rather than a boy!

The characters in this were all okay, I didn’t hate any of them, but they all seemed to be hiding things, and most of them came across as a little mysterious. I didn’t think it nice that they teased Jason constantly about how much he ate either, it got to the point where it was almost like bullying, the way they moaned that if they didn’t eat quickly Jason would eat the food supply of the entire restaurant!

Other than a dream at the start of this book, and the mention that Fredrick knew how to do magic, this came across as a YA contemporary story. We had these kids going to school, meeting new people, talking about boyfriends and girlfriends, making plans for the weekend – pretty mundane stuff, and I have to say that I wondered where the heck the vampires and werewolves from the blurb were. It was actually very late in the story by the time these paranormal beings showed up, and I had lost interest a bit by that point.

I also found this story confusing though. At one point Jesse’s mother tells her how her father had an car accident, and was in the hospital for a week, and that they didn’t bother to mention this to Jesse because she had flu at the time, and they - ‘thought it would be okay to hide it from you’. Why? Why did they hide it from her? What did they gain from not telling her? Why would an accident be kept a secret? And unfortunately there were quite a few unexplained events like this in the book.

There was a bit of romance in this, but I found it all quite sudden. It seemed like no sooner was a new character introduced, than we had Rich confessing his undying love for her, which was all a bit sudden for me.

The ending to this felt like the story just ended, and it just seemed like a lot of things were just left hanging.
6 out of 10

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