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Under The Cypress Tree (Love in Belle Pont#1) by Ashleigh Zavarelli

Blurb (from Goodreads):
When Archer blew out of town six years ago, he took Annabeth Richard’s heart with him. With a head full of hope and promises, she waited for his return. But when he didn’t, Annabeth was left to pick up the pieces without him. Archer Beaufait signed up for the Army fresh on the heels of Graduation. He wanted to make something of himself, but he never expected to be going to war. He’d made his fair share of mistakes, but after six long years, he realized it was time to come home. The only problem was, the life he’d left behind and the people he hurt weren’t real eager to see him return. Especially not Annabeth Richards. When the two meet again, old wounds are brought to the surface along with some feelings that never quite went away. But when secrets start coming out of the woodworks, and they realize that time has changed them both, it’s one obstacle they aren’t certain they can overcome.

Under The Cypress Tree by Ashleigh Zavarelli

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Under The Cypress Tree (Love in Belle Pont#1)(Source: Downloaded for free from

“I could still remember that day. The day when Archer Beaufait turned my whole world upside down by proclaiming his love for me with nothin’ but a pocket knife and a head full of dreams.”

This was an okay contemporary romance, but I got irritated with the characters.

I felt quite sorry for Annabeth. It was absolutely terrible what Archer had done leaving her high and dry and pregnant, and she had been through so much whilst he had been away. Six years is a heck of a long time not to hear from someone who is supposed to love you.

“I love you Annabeth Richards.”

I also felt sorry for Bentley. It was obvious how much he loved Annabeth, and it was so sad that even though he did so much for her, she couldn’t love him back.

“It was never a lie. Not for me, anyhow.”

Archer on the other hand was an absolute scum bag. Leaving to go to Iraq in the army is one thing, but not calling? Not writing? Being absent without word for 6 years for no obvious reason? He’s an ass!

“Six long years he’d been gone.”

The storyline in this book was about Archer returning to town, and basically trying to pick up where he left off. He was just such an ass though! He didn’t even consider that Annabeth might not still be waiting for him! Didn’t visit his own father to see how he was doing, and didn’t look closely enough at Annabeth’s child to realise that she was his child, just asked her how long she’d been sleeping with his best friend! He was a total ass.

“The way I figure, I have every right to know how long after I was out of the picture my best friend started laying into my…”
I reached out and slapped him across the face before he could even finish that sentence.

We did get some romance and a happily ever after, but I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t get how easily Annabeth forgave Archer and took him back after what he had done! I wouldn’t not have been surprised if he’d upped and left again at some point. What an ass.
6 out of 10

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