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Fuel to the Fire (Fuel to the Fire #1) by David M. Staniforth

Fuel to the Fire (Fuel to the Fire, #1)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Having spent her entire life disguised as a boy to avoid the risk of being forced into sexual slavery, fifteen year old Davran finds herself transported to a world thought to be legend. With sunlight, an abundance of food and people that trust, this world is everything her home is not. She could be happy, she could disclose the love she feels for Ronyn (the dragon trainer’s son), but when Hesperus (the Keeper-of-Knowledge) discovers her, she may have to return to a world of misery where even suicide is no escape and where the most frightening monster is not the dragons or the razor-hounds, but the tyrannical ruler, Saurian.

Fuel to the Fire by David M. Staniforth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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“One day, my girl, you will reach for rainbows.”

This was fantasy story with dragons, prophecies, and a girl dressed as a boy.

I liked Davran, and I liked how she strove to be the best she could be. She spent so long pretending to be a boy, and it was slightly worrying that she could be so easily found out!

The storyline in this had battles, and dragons, and alternate worlds, but this was a proper fantasy novel, and as I’ve said before, I find it really difficult to keep track of fantasy novels, and I did get pretty confused with this one. That being said, I have found a new fantasy series to recommend to my father-in-law, who absolutely loves this sort of thing!

"A dragon trainer was sent for. He nearly fainted on the spot when he saw it was a black dragon."

My favourite part in this story though, and I will put this in spoiler tags for anyone who wants to know (highlight to view spoiler - was the romance! I know, I’m a total girl! But it was so cute when Ronyn was all confused about his feelings for Davran! It was so cute how he was all flustered and wondering what the heck was going on that he would fancy another boy! And so sweet when he found out that she was really a girl! Loved that bit!)

The ending to this left us with no doubt that this wasn’t the end of the story, but I don’t think I’ll be continuing with it. As this book is currently free on Amazon I’m going to send it to my father-in-laws kindle though, because he will love it!
6 out of 10

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