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Unborn (Unborn #1) by Amber Lynn Natusch

Sponsored post: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Amber Lynn Natusch, Amazon Publishing, and NetGalley.

Blurb (from Goodreads):
Born into mystery. Shackled to darkness… Khara has spent centuries discovering everything about the Underworld―except her place in it. But when she’s ripped from her home, solving the riddle of her origins becomes more important than ever. With evil stalking her through the dark alleys of Detroit, she finds salvation from an unlikely source: a group of immortal warriors sworn to protect the city. Khara needs their help to unravel the tangled secrets of who and what she is—secrets many seem willing to kill for. But time is running out, and the closer she gets to the truth, the closer necessity binds her to an arrogant fallen angel. Can their shaky alliance withstand that which threatens her, or will her soul fall victim to the unholy forces that hunt her―those that seek the Unborn? From the author of the bestselling Caged series comes a pulse-pounding new series of supernatural romance.

Unborn by Amber Lynn Natusch

My rating: 3.25 of 5 stars

Unborn (Unborn, #1)(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Amber Lynn Natusch, Amazon Publishing, and NetGalley.)

“So I am an oddity?” I asked plainly.
“Not an oddity – an impossibility.”

This was an interesting fantasy story, but I found it a little hard to follow.

I did like Khara, but I did find her a bit cold and detached at times. While I wanted to like her, she came across as a bit strange, and the way she happily offed people without even blinking just made that even more apparent.

“Just as Kierson had taught me, I sank the dagger blade deep into his throat, withdrawing it with a twist. His body fell heavily to the floor, icy blood spraying me as it did.”

I’m also not sure how the heck she could tell the difference between someone pronouncing her name Cara, instead of Khara, because I would personally pronounce them the same way.

“Oh… it’s nice to meet you, Cara,” she replied with a disingenuous smile.
“It’s Kah-ruh,” I said slowly in the hopes that her tiny mind could process my words.

She was also rather rude at times.

“I find it curious that you think I have to suffer you at all. Suffering implies emotion- attachment. I possess neither of those things, especially not for you,”

I also found some of Khara’s brother’s a little distasteful, and it was a little bit gross that they still kept flirting with her, and commenting on her body, when they knew she was their sister!

“And how many times did you think of her naked last night?” Casey asked from his reclined position on one of the two dark leather couches, just as I had envisioned him.
“Twice,” he blurted out in response before wincing at his own admission. “But that’s not entirely my fault. I’m not used to having a sister. Especially not a hot one.”

The storyline in this was okay, but I did have trouble following what was going on, and it felt like there were a lot of info dumps. I did like the book nonetheless, but I really couldn’t focus on those info dumps and long explanations of things at all! In fact I found that I literally had to get on a treadmill and remove all distractions to make it through this book!

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I’ll also warn you that there was quite a lot of bad language in this one. The F-word occurred 60 times, so this wouldn’t really be suitable for younger readers.

I have to say that there was a moment in this book that almost came across as romantic, although I’m not sure whether I’m just reading it wrong, because I’m pretty sure the man in question was Khara’s brother.

The second I was within reach, he snatched me up tightly, crushing my body into his embrace and smothering me with his chest.
His heart beat wildly.
“Don’t ever make me think something happened to you again,” he whispered, his breath tickling the top of my head. “I could not survive your loss. None of us could.”

Does that not sound kind-of swoon-worthy?

The ending to this was okay, although having finished it I’m struggling to really understand what happened. I get the feeling that if I don’t immediately start reading the second one I’ll have no chance of working out what is going on at all!
6.5 out of 10

“You did good, but your hesitation made me nervous. Kill or be killed, Khara. Truer words have never been spoken.”

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