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Renegade (Heven and Hell #4) by Cambria Hebert

Blurb (from Goodreads):
The conclusion to the Heven and Hell series. I’ve been beautiful. I’ve been ugly. I’ve died. I’ve been brought back. I’ve had abilities awakened within me. My strength has been tested. My beliefs have been tested. Yet I stand. What’s next when you’ve pretty much experienced it all? The end. Sam and I are picking up the pieces. We’re trying to come to terms with all we’ve lost. And as much as I would like to hide my head, ignore the reality I live every day, there is no forgetting. Riley is in hell—I’m still not sure of his agenda. My mother’s past haunts me. And Kimber… Kimber is being herself. Cole sneaks glances at Gemma and she returns them when she thinks I don’t see. But I do. When Beelzebub escapes he brings his war to places I never thought he would. Earth. Maine. Home. Now everyone and everything is at risk. This has become bigger than my circle of friends. This has become bigger than me. I have to finish this. I have to find a way to stop him, to finish this war. I just pray we will all be left standing in the end.

Renegade by Cambria Hebert

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Renegade (Heven and Hell, #4) “But destiny waits for no one.”

This was an okay story, but as big of a Cambria fan that I am, I really didn’t enjoy this story much.

The characters in this were okay, but I didn’t love them this time. Why Heven thought inviting Kimber to stay with her when they were barely speaking was a good idea I don’t know. And why she told Sam she’d still love him, even if he became a mass-murderer, I don’t know.

“You could get out of this car right now and kill everyone in the parking lot, Sam. When you were done I’d drive your getaway car.”

Kimber was also irritating. Because of course people who only wear jeans and boots can’t possibly be attractive.

“You better tell me right now you are not in love with that… that… fallen angel.” She wailed. “I mean seriously, Cole. I’ve never seen her in anything but jeans and boots.”

The storyline in this had problems for me. How can you possibly tell your child that their birthdate is two weeks earlier than their actual birthdate? As soon as you went to the doctors, or dentists, or anything like that (and Heven has obviously been to the hospital), they would ask your date of birth! I just don’t get how this would work.
Heven setting things on fire started to get old, and I couldn’t believe how darn irresponsible she was setting Kimber’s car on fire! She could have killed her!

“I watched from the roof as she walked around her VW bug and climbed into the driver’s seat. She smirked at me through the windshield and gave a snotty little wave.
So I lit her car on fire.”

I mean really?

I didn’t really feel the romance in this one, and Kimber being so possessive over Cole just annoyed me as well.

The ending was okay I suppose, but I had really lost interest by that point, and I can barely remember what happened. Not the best end to this series for me.
6 out of 10

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