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Collide (The Taking #3) by Melissa West

Sponsored post: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Melissa West, Entangled Publishing, LLC, and NetGalley.

Blurb (from Goodreads):
Military legacy Ari Alexander has survived alien spies, WWIV, and a changing world order. But when the new leader of Earth uses Jackson—the only boy she's ever let herself care about—to get to her, Ari has no choice but to surrender. To free Jackson, she agrees to travel to the national bases to train others to fight. What she discovers is a land riddled with dying people. Ari has the power to heal by turning the fighters into aliens—half-breeds like her. If she succeeds, together, they have a chance at overthrowing the alien leader, Zeus. But if she fails, everyone she holds dear will be wiped away forever. Once again, everything Ari’s come to believe is thrown into question. In a world of uncertainty, loyalties are tested, lies are uncovered, and no one can be trusted. If Ari and Jackson have any hope at survival and at preserving a life for the future, they must fight the final war with their eyes wide open.

Collide (The Taking #3)

by Melissa West

Release Date: 02/09/15

Entangled Teen

320 pages

Collide by Melissa West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Collide (The Taking, #3)(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Melissa West, Entangled Publishing, LLC, and NetGalley.)

“So then it’s real.”
He turns to me. “What?”
“War. It’s here.”

This was a good end to the series, and I was happy with the way things turned out.

“I refuse to just lie down and accept our fate. We have to fight.”

Ali was strong and determined in this book, and at points it seemed like she was fighting the war all on her own! She took on so much responsibility, and somehow managed to live up to expectations against the odds.

I lunge forward, sweeping her feet so her head slams hard on the floor, and then I’m over her, my face in her face, my gun pressed into her forehead. “Bang,” I say.

Some of the other characters in this were just totally nuts though, Kelvin really seemed to have lost his marbles, and I really couldn’t work out why on earth he had done to Sydia in Ari’s absence!

“I know that we’re going to the surface. A myriad of thoughts races through my mind. What will we find? What will we see? Nothing? Sydia destroyed? Or everything? More bodies than ground?

The storyline in this was good, although I did find the pace a little slow. The story very gradually built up to the big event, and there were several problems for Ari and the crew to work through, as well as riddles to be solved, and traitors to be uncovered. I wasn’t 100% convinced by some of the plans they came up with, but thankfully they seemed to work out alright in the end!

“I’m so sorry for your loss, and there is nothing I can say to ease the pain. But if you hope to survive this war, you have to be ready to make drastic and difficult decisions. Now.”

The romance in this was once again sweet, although I couldn’t quite believe the er… position Ari and Jackson managed to get caught in! Talk about embarrassing!

“Dad stops, Mom narrowly crashing into his back, and they’re both staring at us, and I’m suddenly very aware that I am still their teenaged daughter. And I’m lying on top of a boy. A boy without clothes on.
Forget the war, I’m going to die tight here and now. Death by parental glare.”

The ending to this had lots of action, and I was shocked by the number of deaths! It was good to see the way peace finally came about though!
8.5 out of 10

“Maybe it’s not about sides. Maybe it’s about the best people – the best kind – surviving. Maybe it’s about the birth of a new species, one that isn’t so fixated on other and is more focused on the best life for all.”


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Melissa West writes young adult and new adult novels for Entangled Teen and Embrace and Penguin/InterMix. She lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters and spends most of her time writing, reading, or fueling her coffee addiction.
She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and a M.S. in Graphic Communication, both from Clemson University. Yeah, her blood runs orange.
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