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Christmas Without Holly by Nicola Yeager

Christmas Without Holly
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Christmas is a time for pampering yourself.

At least, that is what Holly Nightingale thinks.

A hard-working nurse, she has given herself an early Christmas gift - three days at Willows, a posh health farm in Surrey.

She's looking forward to day after day of skin treatments, dips in the hot tub, and relaxing sessions with the handsome masseurs.

But not everything is perfect.

Her fiancé Clive is stuck in Hong Kong. It turns out that he won't be home for the festive season - and Holly is expected to spend it with his ghastly family.

Who is Clive spending Christmas with anyway? Why does he spend so much time in the Far East? What is he up to?

As Holly sits by the spa with the pampered, unfaithful wives of the Home Counties, she starts to wonder what kind of married life she is about to embark on.

And maybe Clive will be spending many more Christmases without Holly.

'Christmas Without Holly' is a sparkling seasonal romantic comedy - a warm, moving tale, that manages to be funny, while also reminding the reader that Christmas is a time to reflect on life and where it is going.

It is perfect for fans of Jane Green, Sophie Kinsella...and spa treatments.

Nicola Yeager was born in Lincoln to Dutch parents and is married with two children. She currently lives in London and Amsterdam. Christmas Without Holly is her first novella.

Christmas Without Holly by Nicola Yeager

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Christmas Without Holly(Downloaded for free from

I enjoyed this book, but then the end was a big let-down.

This was an enjoyable chick-lit read, and I liked Holly, even if she did moan and ramble a bit. I felt quite sorry for her in the way she got stuck with Rebecca, and I liked that she was a normal down-to-earth sort of girl.

The storyline in this wasn’t earth-shattering, but it was entertaining, and I found it quite funny in places. I liked the way Holly used what she learned at the spa to evaluate her own love-life, and she seemed to come to some perceptive conclusions. The ending however, was a disappointment.

I’m not sure what I expected from the ending, but it wasn’t what I got. I’m not sure whether I expected a romance to develop between James and Holly, I don’t think I did really, but I didn’t like the way things ended. (Spoiler - Highlight to read -  The random way that James invited Holly to stay with him over Christmas, which was a bit of a crap invitation as he said that he actually wouldn’t be celebrating, and would be out with his camera most of the time, wasn’t much of a gesture, and the extremely corny line ‘Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Holly’ was just poor. How was he really offering her anything better than what Clive was offering her? At least she’d be getting company and a Christmas dinner with Clive’s family, what was she going to get at James’ house? An empty house and a microwave pizza? For Christmas? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. And why was she breaking up with Clive anyway? Because he didn’t spend enough time with her, didn’t value her enough? Did she ever talk to him about that? Did she ever discuss with him what he expected from her once they were married? Did she ever ask him to maybe not work in Hong Kong so that they could have a life together? No. She didn’t. And now she’s going to dump the poor bloke on Christmas day because she doesn’t want to turn into a Rebecca (who shags random men whilst her husband is out of the country), and she’s got a bee in her bonnet because he’s had work dumped on him and can’t make it home for Christmas. I actually feel a bit sorry for the poor bloke! He didn’t exactly get to share his side of the story!
6 out of 10

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