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Judgment Day by Coleen Liebsch

Judgment Day
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Prophets have predicted it. Movies have depicted it. Is it possible that life as we know it could end within the next few decades? YES!

While no one can pinpoint the exact date of the apocalypse, one thing is for certain. Every one of us will die within the next 125 years.

Whether the earth continues to spin or the sun continues to glow, our days on earth will end. In fact, your own personal apocalypse is guaranteed to occur within your lifetimes. We can even predict with absolute certainty the exact day it will occur... your last.

Judgment Day is a story about one woman's journey from death to eternity.

Judgment Day by Coleen Liebsch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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This was a really interesting short story about Christian values, and the way that people’s actions, even unconscious, reflect on who they are, and show them to not be doing what is right, when there seems to be something to gain from doing something wrong, or doing nothing.

I did find the ideas in this story very interesting, and I have to say that I personally have argued that reading the bible and often hiding behind it does not a Christian make. Seeing a lost child and ignoring it for personal gain, then going to church on Sunday, does not reflect well on a person, and is maybe less Christian than saving the child, but not going to church.

I did have some issues with the way the story ended. I personally would expect God to be forgiving, no matter what the person had done, but I’d also have expected the main character in this story to have repented rather than making excuses. If she had really been a Christian at heart she’d have felt sorry for what she had done and would have repented, so she maybe did get what she deserved.

Overall; really interesting short story about Christian values, and doing what’s right,
8 out of 10.

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