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Beware the Wild by Natalie C. Parker

Sponsored post: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.
Beware the Wild
Blurb (from Goodreads):
It's an oppressively hot and sticky morning in June when Sterling and her brother, Phin, have an argument that compels him to run into the town swamp -- the one that strikes fear in all the residents of Sticks, Louisiana. Phin doesn't return. Instead, a girl named Lenora May climbs out, and now Sterling is the only person in Sticks who remembers her brother ever existed.

Sterling needs to figure out what the swamp's done with her beloved brother and how Lenora May is connected to his disappearance -- and loner boy Heath Durham might be the only one who can help her.

This debut novel is full of atmosphere, twists and turns, and a swoon-worthy romance.

Beware the Wild by Natalie C. Parker

My rating: 3.38 of 5 stars

Beware the Wild(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)
16-year-old Sterling is mad that nobody will search the swamp when her older brother, Phin, goes missing and she knows that is where he went. She’s baffled when a girl walks out of the swamp and into her home though, and her mother tells her that she is her sister – Lenora May, and that she never had a brother!
What happened to Sterling’s brother Phin? Who is Lenora-May? And will Sterling ever see her brother again?

This was an okay story, and I liked the mystery aspect.

Sterling was an okay character, and I liked how quickly she adapted to the situation. Knowing that your brother has disappeared and that you have a sister in his place is one thing, knowing not to keep talking about it so that people don’t think you’re crazy is quite another! I did admire how hard she fought to get her brother back though, and how she even took the time to listen to his imposter.

The storyline in this was okay, and it had a bit of southern charm. It reminded me of the ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ series, and ‘Skinwalker’ by Faith Hunter in places, but I think that was the whole southern thing, and the presence of the swamp. I did like the mystery of what had happened to Phin, and who the strange girl was, and how this whole thing had come to pass, and I liked the little twists we got every now and then.
There was a touch of romance and a couple of kisses that were quite sweet, even if Sterling’s step-father didn’t approve!

The ending was okay, and we did get a bit of a happily ever after, it’s just a shame that the ending couldn’t have been happy for everyone involved.
Overall; enjoyable mystery story,
6.75 out of 10.

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  1. Somehow the book missed the mark of extraordinary. Maybe I'll like the next one. :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette