Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Girl Who Never Was - Extra - The Four Fays of the Seasons


The Four Fays of the Seasons

There was a prophecy. Prophecies are tricky things, difficult to read. The future is never set in stone and there is never just one path to take. So it is never clear what a prophecy actually means. Some faeries excel at reading the stars and the cards and the swirl of the dancing dust motes and the patterns in spices like salt and pepper. And those faeries will tell you that there was a prophecy. 

The prophecy was that there would be four fays born of Seelie blood, one for each season, just as one season ended and the next season began. These four fays would band together to overthrow the tyranny of the Seelie Court and rescue the Otherworld. They would bring about an era of unrivaled peace and joy and happiness. 

Or they wouldn't at all. In fact, they would do the exact opposite. 

You see, that's the thing about a prophecy: There's never just one side to it. 

One thing all of the faeries agreed on, though: The four fays of the seasons might not succeed in overthrowing the Seelie Court. But the Otherworld would never overthrow the Seelie Court without them. And so the Otherworld fastened all of its hopes and dreams on four unknown fays. And waited. 

Skylar Dorset

THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS (June 3, from Sourcebooks)
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