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Nantucket Blue (Nantucket #1) by Leila Howland

Nantucket Blue (Nantucket #1)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
For Cricket Thompson, a summer like this one will change everything. A summer spent on Nantucket with her best friend, Jules Clayton, and the indomitable Clayton family. A summer when she’ll make the almost unattainable Jay Logan hers. A summer to surpass all dreams.

Some of this turns out to be true. Some of it doesn’t.

When Jules and her family suffer a devastating tragedy that forces the girls apart, Jules becomes a stranger whom Cricket wonders whether she ever really knew. And instead of lying on the beach working on her caramel-colored tan, Cricket is making beds and cleaning bathrooms to support herself in paradise for the summer.

But it’s the things Cricket hadn’t counted on--most of all, falling hard for someone who should be completely off-limits--that turn her dreams into an exhilarating, bittersweet reality.

A beautiful future is within her grasp, and Cricket must find the grace to embrace it. If she does, her life could be the perfect shade of Nantucket blue.

Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Nantucket Blue (Nantucket #1)(Source: I own a copy of this book.)
18-year-old Cricket is overjoyed to hear that she’ll get to go to Nantucket for the summer with her best friend Jules, until tragedy strikes and things change.
Now if Cricket wants to go to Nantucket she’ll have to make it on her own. But will her friend ship with Jules ever be the same again? And is Jay really the person she thinks she’s meant to be with?

This was a good YA contemporary romance, and I enjoyed it.

I really liked Cricket, I liked how much she loved her friends, and how she stuck by Jules and continued to try and help her even when she was being an utter cow to her. I liked how she even gave Jules space when she thought that was what she needed, but still tried to be close enough that she was there if Jules had a breakdown and needed her.
Jules on the other hand was a bit of a nightmare. She went from being Cricket’s best friend to being a mega poo-head. She stabbed her in the back in so many different ways that I was getting seriously annoyed with her! Well done to Cricket for putting up with her nasty comments and backstabbing ways.

The storyline in this was pretty good, and I liked how a lot of the early chapters had cliff-hangers at the end so that you were really tempted to keep on reading! I thought it was quite brave of Cricket to follow her heart and got to Nantucket alone, especially when everything seemed to be going wrong!
There was some romance in this, and I felt really sorry for Cricket and the way things kept going wrong for her. I really wanted her to have someone to actually be nice to her for a change.
The ending was pretty good, and I was happy with the way the romance turned out, I just hope that Jules gets what’s coming to her in the next book!
Overall; good YA contemporary romance,
7 out of 10.

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