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Born of Illusion (Born of Illusion #1) by Teri Brown

Born of Illusion (Born of Illusion, #1)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Anna Van Housen has a secret.

A gifted illusionist, Anna assists her mother, the renowned medium Marguerite Van Housen, in her stage show and séances, easily navigating the underground world of magicians, mediums, and mentalists in 1920’s New York. As the illegitimate daughter of Harry Houdini—or so Marguerite claims—sleight of hand illusions have never been a challenge for Anna. The real trick is keeping her own gifts secret from her opportunistic mother. Because while Marguerite’s own powers may be a sham, Anna possesses a true ability to sense people’s feelings and foretell the future.

But as Anna’s powers intensify, she begins to experience frightening visions of her mother in peril, which leads her to explore the powers she’s tried so long to hide. And when a mysterious young man named Cole moves into the flat downstairs, introducing Anna to a secret society that studies people with gifts like hers, she is forced to confront her past and rethink everything she’s ever known. Is her mother truly in danger, or are Anna’s visions merely illusion? And could the great Houdini really be her father, or is it just another of Marguerite’s tricks?

From Teri Brown comes a world bursting with magic, with romance, and the temptations of Jazz Age New York—and the story of a girl about to become the mistress of her own destiny.

Born of Illusion by Teri Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Born of Illusion (Born of Illusion, #1)(Source: I own a copy of this book.)
Anna and her mother have an act – Anna does magic, while her mother fakes being a medium. Being in the business of being psychic is thought to be a scam though, and Anna and her mother must take care to not get in trouble with the law. When Anna begins having worrying visions of her and her mother held captive, and Anna is attacked, she knows that she must find out what is going on before it is too late.
Who is stalking Anna? And when will her vision come true?

This was a really interesting mystery story, and I really enjoyed it!

I liked Anna, she was in a difficult situation with her mother, but did the best she could. I felt really sorry for her when her mother would be mean to her, as Anna was a really nice person, and she didn’t deserve the way her mother treated her.

The storyline in this was good, although the book did start off quite slowly. Thankfully it picked up after the first few chapters though, and I started to really enjoy it. I liked the mystery over Anna’s psychic powers, and the mystery over who her father was and whether he knew who she was! I also liked the mystery of who was after Anna, and what they were after her for.
There was a bit of romance, but not a lot, and it did feel like there was a bit of a love triangle happening.
The ending was pretty good, and I liked that there was enough of an ending that if you didn’t want to read the next one you wouldn’t have to. I really enjoyed this overall though, and I’m really excited to read the next one in the series!
Overall; great period mystery story, with a touch of magic,
8 out of 10.

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