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Linked (Linked #1) by Imogen Howson

Linked (Linked #1)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Elissa used to have it all: looks, popularity, and a bright future. But for the last three years, she’s been struggling with terrifying visions, phantom pains, and mysterious bruises that appear out of nowhere.

Finally, she’s promised a cure: minor surgery to burn out the overactive area of her brain. But on the eve of the procedure, she discovers the shocking truth behind her hallucinations: she’s been seeing the world through another girl’s eyes.

Elissa follows her visions, and finds a battered, broken girl on the run. A girl—Lin—who looks exactly like Elissa, down to the matching bruises. The twin sister she never knew existed.

Now, Elissa and Lin are on the run from a government who will stop at nothing to reclaim Lin and protect the dangerous secrets she could expose—secrets that would shake the very foundation of their world.

Riveting, thought-provoking and utterly compelling, Linked will make you question what it really means to be human.

Linked by Imogen Howson

My rating: 3.25 of 5 stars

Linked (Linked #1)(Source: I own a copy of this book.)
16-year-old Elissa has had problems with life-like visions for years, but since she got her period things have gotten worse, now she not only has the visions, but also has pain and bruising to go with it.
Numerous doctors have tried to treat her but accomplished nothing, but now a new doctor wants to try brain surgery. Her parents have said yes, but Elissa isn’t sure she wants to go through with it.

When Elissa has another vision – one that seems real, she leaves her home and goes off to the place she recognised in her vision, only to find a girl who is her identical doppelganger.
Lin is Elissa’s ‘spare’ – her identical twin who was taken by the government at birth to be experimented on. Lin has been raised to believe that she is not even human, but Elissa knows that she is, and she knows that she has to help her.

Running away together seems the only way to help Lin, but how long can Elissa and Lin stay on the run? Who can they turn to for help? And is Lin really not human?

I was really looking forward to this one, but unfortunately it just didn’t live up to that gorgeous cover.

Elissa was an okay character, I couldn’t help but laugh at her at times though, when she’d gone all out to help Lin, and was then worried that she’d abetted a sociopath! She was so calm about it, with just a slight edge of panic, it was like she’d gotten half-way through a chocolate bar, tasted something funny, and then realised that it was past it’s ‘use by’ date. I wanted her to trust her instincts a bit more, but she just couldn’t, and at times I felt like Lin was the stronger character.

The storyline in this was okay, but I did feel bored at times. There was quite a lot of stuff regarding Lissa’s brother’s pilot training, which was ridiculously boring, and at other points I felt like I was forcing myself to keep reading.
I found the storyline regarding Lin to be a bit strange. I didn’t see why the government would take these twin babies, and I didn’t see how they had the gifts they had, and why they would classify them as ‘non-human’. This book reminded me of ‘The Lost Girl’ – having a ‘spare’, identical twin, and also of ‘What’s Left of Me’ – having a twin is illegal.

Other parts of the storyline seemed a little poorly thought out, as did some of Lissa’s decisions, and some things were a little unbelievable. The sudden romance was also a bit unnecessary.
There were some twists towards the end that I didn’t see coming, but they were weird, and again I wasn’t all that impressed. The ending was okay, but I can’t say that I really want to read the next book in the series, this one was just a bit too mediocre for me unfortunately.
Overall; an okay sci-fi story, that was a little unbelievable and boring in places.
6.5 out of 10.


  1. good review and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. Those covers can be so deceiving. This cover is amazing.