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Real (Real, Raw & Ripped #1) by Katy Evans

Blurb (From Goodreads):
HOT. SEXY. POWERFUL. PAINFUL. REAL. The scorching international bestseller that strips away everything you’ve ever believed about passion . . . .

Remington Tate has a bad-boy rep in and out of the ring, a granite-hard body, and a raw, animal power that sends his female fans into a frenzy. But from the moment their eyes lock, the only woman he wants is Brooke Dumas. His desire is pure, all-consuming, and REAL.

Hired to keep his perfect body working like a machine, Brooke finally has the lucrative sports therapy job she’s been dreaming of. But as she tours the dangerous underground fighting circuit with Remy and his team, Brooke’s own body becomes alive with the most primal of hungers. If what happens between Brooke and Remy is ever as light as a flirtation, it quickly becomes an erotic obsession for them both, and promises so much more.

But their white-hot lust has a dark side—and when Remy’s deepest secret comes to light and Brooke’s familial duties demand action, will the pair be able to hang on, or will everything that once seemed so real suddenly fade away like an illusion?

Real by Katy Evans

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Real(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Gallery Books and Edelweiss.)
24-year-old Brooke isn’t into boxing, but goes along when her best friend drags her to an underground fight. What Brooke wasn’t expecting though was to immediately feel something for one of the fighters – Remington Tate.

It seems that Brooke has caught Remington’s eyes as well, and he offers her a job as his physio, which quickly turns into something more personal.
What secret is Remy hiding though? Can they ever make a relationship work? And will either of them walk away from this relationship unharmed?

This was an okay erotic romance novel, but there were things that let it down for me.

Brooke initially seemed like a fairly level-headed person, but this soon changed. While she was attracted to Remy, she initially wasn’t going to do anything, but the moment he showed an interest she was all for it.
She then went from being someone who wasn’t really all that interested in sex, to someone who was constantly hot and trying to get in Remy’s pants. Considering that she was supposedly employed by him, she didn’t maintain her professionalism for very long at all.

I disliked Brooke most towards the end of the book though, I’m sorry, but when someone tells you that if you leave them they will probably commit suicide, you really shouldn’t then wait ‘til they’re at their lowest point and then leave them. Especially not with such a flimsy reason as Brooke had. In my opinion her reasons for leaving were flimsy, selfish, and downright ridiculous. If she really loved Remy the way she claimed to, she wouldn’t have run off at the first sign of a problem. I know they weren’t married, but she really wasn’t in it for better AND worse.

The storyline in this book was also something that I had issues with. While the erotic scenes were decent enough, there were also parts that were unrealistic, and possibly physically impossible. I also thought that closing an entire gym to have sex in it was pretty unprofessional.

Leaving that to one side though, there was also a medical condition discussed in this book that I’m pretty sure the details for where incorrect. People may not notice this unless they know someone that has the condition, but it annoyed me that the details weren’t correct. People will read this and think they know something about the condition, when all they’ve been given is false information! I’m not happy about this.

I also had an issue with a certain thing that Brooke did, that she was obviously going to get caught doing, seeing as Remy was such a celebrity that people were constantly following them and snapping pictures. This again seemed selfish and short-sighted of Brooke, and a very silly move on her part.
The ending of this one was both okay and predictable, but was a happy ending at least.
Overall; an okay erotic romance, but some plot points annoyed me.
6.5 out of 10.

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  1. Whoa, I would dislike Brooke to with her threatening suicide. stupid.