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Blog Tour and #Giveaway - Not Pretty Enough by Jaimie Admans

Sponsored post: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis as part of the ‘Not Pretty Enough’ Blog Tour. Thanks to Jaimie Admans, and Oops I Read A Book Again. 
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Not Pretty Enough
Title: Not Pretty Enough
Author: Jaimie Admans
Date of Publication: August 1, 2013
Genre: contemporary YA comedy

“New Year’s Resolutions:
1. Lloyd Layton will know I exist. He once said three whole words to me, so this is obviously progress. If I don’t get a proper conversation out of him soon, then I’ll take my top off and streak through the cafeteria, because nobody could fail to notice these boobs.
2. I will not get expelled for streaking through the cafeteria.”

Those are the words that begin her mission.
Chessie is fourteen, not pretty enough, and very much in love. Lloyd Layton is hot, popular, and unaware of Chessie’s existence.
Her goal is clear: to get Lloyd to love her as much as she loves him, and she has exactly one year to do it.
As Chessie’s obsession with Lloyd reaches boiling point and she starts to spin a web of lies that spiral out of control, Lloyd turns out to be not quite the prince she thought he was. Can Chessie avoid the gathering storm before things go too far?

Not Pretty Enough is a contemporary young adult comedy suitable for ages thirteen and over.

Book two in the series will be released early 2014.

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Not Pretty Enough by Jaimie Admans

My rating: 3.35 of 5 stars

Not Pretty Enough(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis as part of the ‘Not Pretty Enough’ Blog Tour. Thanks to Jaimie Admans, and Oops I Read A Book Again.)
14-year-old Francesca (Chessy) has DD cup boobs, isn’t good at sports, and wants her crush Lloyd to finally notice her.
Unfortunately though, it seems that all her attempts to get him to realise she exists have all ended with her being horribly embarrassed.
Will Lloyd ever notice her? Will Chessy’s hair ever be the same again? And will Chessy ever recover from the embarrassment?

This was a humorous story about a teenage girl with big boobs, and the awful things that happened to her as she tried to get her crush to notice her.

Chessy was a normal if slightly naïve 14-year-old, who just couldn’t help but end up in embarrassing situations. I laughed and cringed at the things she got up to, and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Yikes! If some of those things had happened to me I think I’d still be in hiding now! Somehow Chessy managed to muddle through though, and ultimately I think she learned from these encounters.

The storyline in this book was pretty typical teenage stuff – school and boys, but it was the embarrassing events that really made this special. Some of the things that went wrong for Chessy were deceptively simply to set-up, but cringingly embarrassing and funny, which was the real charm of the story. I did have to cover my eyes at times at the things she did, but thankfully it all worked out okay in the end!
Overall; a funny story about a teen trying to get her crush to notice her.
6.75 out of 10.

About Jaimie Admans

Jaimie is a 28-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, drinking tea and watching horror movies. She hates spiders and cheese & onion crisps. She has been writing for years but has never before plucked up the courage to tell people. Afterlife Academy is her third novel and she hopes you enjoy it. There are plenty more on the way!

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  1. Sounds like a funny book. It should be a good read. Thanks!

  2. I like the typical teen stuff well written esp with funny parts :)

  3. i like the book's cover...make me wanna read that book...
    thx u for the chance...

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely review, Sarah! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review it, and thanks for being part of the blog tour! :)

  5. I really do feel for Chessie - such desperation.