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What Lies Beneath by Richard Denney

What Lies Beneath
Blurb (from Goodreads):
When Blair Lewis is left for dead in a freezing lake, she can't get over the fact that her boyfriend tried to kill her. And when she begins to receive disturbing gifts and letters from her supposed dead boyfriend, she attempts to figure out what is going on before the darkness consumes her. Nothing is as it seems and the startling truth is going to rip Blair right out of this world. Is Blair simply losing her mind? Or is something vicious and dark after her sanity and soul?

What Lies Beneath by Richard Denney

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What Lies Beneath(Source: Downloaded for free from
Teenager Blair nearly dies the night her boyfriend tries to drown her. He is declared dead but no body is found. Then Blair starts receiving gifts and notes that could only have come from Dylan.
Is Dylan still alive? Why did he want to kill her? And who are all the mysterious girls she keeps seeing everywhere?

This was an okay story, which reminded me of the sort of ‘point horror’ stories that I read when I was younger.

Blair was an okay character, although the story was quite short so we didn’t really get to know her well. She did seem to just accept some things though that I personally thought were odd.

The storyline was okay, and the pace was good. I did begin to get a little bored towards the end, but the story was okay really. There were some twists of a paranormal nature towards the end, but I think I preferred the story without the twists really.
The ending was pretty pants, and I wasn’t very impressed. I think it was supposed to be chilling, and I’d have maybe been more spooked if I had been about 8-years-old. Otherwise it was a pretty unsatisfying end.
Overall; an okay horror/paranormal story, but a little immature.
6 out of 10.

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