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The Cull by Jon Jacks

The Cull
Blurb (from Smashwords):
An infection must be curbed – even in a school

It starts off with just one; a hit and run.
Next it’s a car crash, with no survivors.
Then the school bus is completely obliterated on a level crossing.
Then there’s a fire…
Each time, it either involves someone who upset Jasmine, or Jasmine and her friends miraculously survive.
Jasmine reckons it’s her guardian angel Gariel that’s protecting her.
But Gariel is increasingly insistent that Jasmine has to find and hand him a book he needs.
Problem is, Jasmine doesn’t know which book he means – and the longer she takes to find it, the more the school seems to be in danger.

The Cull by Jon Jacks

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Cull(Source: Downloaded for free from
It started with Mary walking in front of a bus, then Sarah, Zoe, and Liz die in a car accident, and for some reason everyone thinks that it’s Jaz’s fault.
When the school bus is then hit by a speeding train, Jaz gets even more evil looks seeing as she was still on the bus when the train hit, and mysteriously survived. But then no-one else saw the angel that saved her and her best friend Pat.
Is Jaz really causing these deaths? Why did the Angel save her and Pat and no-one else? And when will it stop?

I wasn’t sure what to think of this book when I first started it, but by the midpoint I had serious doubts.

I didn’t quite get why everyone thought that Jaz was involved in these kids deaths. Admittedly she had had an argument with Mary, but by the sounds of things Mary was a pretty nasty person, and argued with a lot of people, so I really didn’t get why suddenly everyone was treating Jaz like a mass murderer.

While the story was a little shaky, I did enjoy Jaz’s sarcasm. While it’s supposedly the lowest form of whit, I found her quite amusing, and her take on how the dead girls suddenly had lots of friends, and her new status as ‘Death’s emissary’ was actually quite funny.

As we got further into the story it did become a bit silly though, and then it got even worse. First we had the angel appearing, then we had a policeman shooting his fellow constables, then there was a fire, and then we got really silly with the kids putting together a large system of speakers to stop the school from blowing away. As interesting as this weird science lesson was, I just didn’t find it entertaining at all. Maybe this was intended for a younger audience, but it just didn’t do it for me at all.
Then we had the strange theories as to why all this stuff was happening anyway; from faulty DNA, to the frequencies of vibrating tuning forks, to something to do with the number 153 (as circled in a bible passage), and even geometry and intersecting circles. I may have liked science at school, but this was just a bit dull, and I quickly lost interest.
The ending was okay I suppose, and we did at least get a happily ever after. There was a slight romance storyline at the end that was waved in front of our noses and then dismissed though, which was a bit mean.
Overall; a slightly disappointing paranormal story, with lots of science theories.
4 out of 10.

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