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Just For Fun Quiz + Giveaway - Author Diantha Jones - The Oracle of Delphi Blog Tour


‘Just for Fun’ Interview

Author Diantha Jones

Name: Diantha Jones aka DeeJay aka Cazz aka Binks aka Cat

Favourite colour? Black

Favourite drink? Currently, Cool Lime Refreshers from Starbucks!

What did you do last weekend? Worked. Wrote. Read. In that order. Kind of.

Have you ever lied about your age? Nope. No need. Not to toot my own horn, but I actually don't look nearly as old as I am

Would you make a good vampire? What are you talking about? I AM a vampire. Haven't you seen the picture?

What super-power would you like to have? Invisibility. Yo, the trouble I would cause...

What’s your ideal way to spend the summer? Staying inside where the air conditioner is.

If you only had 1 day left to live, how would you spend your last day? Stuffing myself full of all my favorite foods.

Would you ever get a tattoo? I have tattoos already. So, yes!

Have you ever thrown a party while your parents were out? Yes. But I told them about it so it was all good.

Book you can’t wait to read? The next “Fever” novel by KMM.

Someone you’d like to meet? Barack Obama

What title would you give your life-story (so far)? Military Brat Goes Wild

What scares you? SNAKES. OMG, keep those scaly beasts away from me.

Last time you wore fancy dress? Masquerade ball I went to a few years back. Wow...that's really sad.

Indoors or outdoors? Indoors

Summer or Winter? Winter

Popcorn – salty or sweet? Salty

Stay up late or go to bed early? Stay up ALL NIGHT.

Ebooks or real books? Ebooks, because I can read when it's pitch dark. That is heaven to me.

Word association:
What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say these words:
Chocolate – Oreos
Christmas –  Jesus
Train – Metro
Girl – Gossip
Rock –  Mountain
Bubble – Pop!
Fairy – Beautiful
Dinner – Corn dogs (Yum!)

Total mayhem 
Try to name an item in each of the following categories that begins with the same letter as the first letter of your name!
A car – Dodge
A food – Dumplings
A place – District of Columbia
An animal – Dragon
A famous person – Diane Keaton (funny lady)
A film or TV show – Dark Knight (Pure awesomeness)
A book – Deathly Hallows

Thanks so much to Diantha for doing my crazy quiz!

Biography and Links

Diantha Jones was born the day thousands of turkeys sacrificed their lives to fill millions of American bellies on November 22 which also happened to be Thanksgiving Day (Her mother says she owes her a turkey). She is a Journalism graduate who wants to be a career novelist (of books, not Facebook posts). When not writing or working, she is reading on her Nook, being hypnotized by Netflix or on a mission to procure french fries. 

The Oracle of Delphi fantasy series is her first series. She is also the author of Mythos: Stories from Olympus, a companion series, and there is another fantasy series in the works. She also writes (new) adult fantasy/paranormal romance under the name A. Star. Invasion (An Alien Romance) is her first title released under this pen name. Future releases under A. Star include, the Love & Steampunk series, the Purr, Inc. stories, and more.

Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon  |  Pinterest  |  DJ's Book Corner
Email Diantha Jones at: theauthor (at) diantha-jones (dot) com
Diantha's Books

The Oracle of Delphi Series
Book One

eBook: Amazon  |  Barnes&Noble
Paperback: Amazon
Book Two

eBook: Amazon  |  Barnes&Noble
Paperback: Amazon

Mythos, Book One (OOD #2.5)
Visit the series page

eBook: Amazon  |  Barnes&Noble
Paperback: Amazon

Book Three

eBook: Amazon  |  Barnes&Noble
Paperback: Amazon


Oracle of Delphi Giveaway

Prophecy of the Author's Genius Contest
Solve the prophecy, win a $25 Amazon Giftcard (must guess the classic book title and author)
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