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Undertow (Dragonfly #2) by Leigh Talbert Moore

Sponsored post: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Leigh Talbert Moore.
Undertow (Dragonfly, #2)Blurb (from Goodreads):
 "An incredibly powerful sequel to Dragonfly. I found myself riveted to the last page by the dept of feeling, loss, tragedy, and love in this gorgeously woven story. This is a definite must-read." --Jolene Perry, author of Out of Play

Falling in love will pull you under...

Bill Kyser has a plan to take the sandy farms of his hometown and turn them into a world-class tourist destination--and become a billionaire in the process.
Alexandra "Lexy" LaSalle has a plan to change her life by becoming a world-famous artist.
Meg Weaver has a plan to hold onto Bill no matter what she has to do.

Three friends, three dreams.
One fatal decision will change all their lives forever.

In Dragonfly, Bill Kyser gave Anna the three journals that held the story behind the powerful developer's seclusion and the damaged lives of his family members.

Anna hoped to find a way for Julian to know the truth, but as she digs deeper into the tragic events of the past, she realizes silence could be the only option.

Now she's in an alliance with the man she formerly feared. And if Julian finds out what she knows, she could lose for good the boy she's starting to love.

Undertow by Leigh Talbert Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Undertow (Dragonfly, #2)(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Leigh Talbert Moore.)
This is book 2 in the ‘Dragonfly’ series, and kicks off where book 1 left off.
Emma has received the journals that Julian and Jack’s parents kept at the time when both Julian and Jack were conceived, and she’s going to read them to discover what exactly was going on at the time.
What was going on in Meg’s head? Why did Lexi sleep with her best friends boyfriend? And how was the affair discovered?

This was a slow and steady second instalment that built up the whole background to the story, and left me desperate to find out what will happen next for Emma and Julian!

Most of the story was told as journal entries; first from Meg (Jack’s mom), then Lexy (Julian’s mom), and then Bill (Jack and Julian’s father). This was quite an interesting way to give us insight into the back story of these three characters, and also allowed Emma to work out what had happened too.
I thought that the journal entries could possibly have been cut down a bit, maybe by just having us read the entries that Emma thought significant. The pace through these was quite slow, and after reading all 3 it was a bit like reading the same thing three times over, even thought this was necessary to see things from all three points of view. There were also quite a few entries about what was happening in their lives at the time that we maybe didn’t need to know to enjoy the story.
Even though this was quite a slow story through the journal entries, I did enjoy it though, and it allowed tension to be built slowly.

There was some sex in this book (in the journal entries), which I guess was inevitable considering that both Meg and Lexy got pregnant by Bill. Nothing erotic, but this probably classifies as NA rather than YA. I also wondered how weird it might be for Emma reading about her boyfriend’s Mom and Dad having sex. Not sure I’d want to read intimate secrets about people’s sex lives who I knew personally, but it didn’t seem to bother Emma.

Most of this book was taken up with the journal entries, there was actually very little going on with Emma and the boys in this instalment, to the point where this was almost like a prequel. I did miss Julian and Emma together in this one, but it was actually really good to get such an insight into how this whole mess started in the first place.
I think the person I felt most sorry for was Meg, but then again a lot of her problems were her own doing so she was hardly innocent in all this.

I was really glad that Emma and Julian do seem to be together in this book though! Yay! That was exactly what I was hoping for as they make such a sweet couple. I hate to think what will happen to them when it’s discovered that Emma knows all this stuff about his parents though, and now knows who his father is!
I can’t believe the place Bill has now put her in, and I’m also dying to know what was written in the letter that Emma found in his journal and didn’t read! Once again the stakes are raised, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series to find out what will happen to Emma and Julian and the gang next!
Overall; a teasing glimpse into the backstory of Julian and Jack’s parents that will once again leave you wanting more.
7.5 out of 10.

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Sarah! Glad you enjoyed it, and the plot definitely thickens in Watercolor... more soon~ :o) <3