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Forgotten Fox (The Celestial Saga, #1) by Lena Horn

Forgotten Fox (The Celestial Saga, #1)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Forgotten Fox is the first novel in the series The Celestial Saga.

In the world of Temis, where the Familiars have separated themselves from the other humans, eighteen year old Aruna finds herself exiled from home for not conforming to society, something that she did not even have control over. She is thrust into a dangerous wilderness where she is lost and alone. But she meets George, a mystical fox that grows a second tail after an encounter with a vicious animal.

As Aruna searches for a new home, accompanied by her fox, her undeniable destiny lies before them and pulls them into the ancient war of the Celestials, the demi-gods that once ruled the wild.

Even while they are pitted against these higher beings, and a family that Aruna can no longer trust, they continue the search for a place that they can call home, and people that they can call family.

Forgotten Fox by Lena Horn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Forgotten Fox (The Celestial Saga, #1)(Source: Downloaded for free from
18-year-old Aruna is different from everyone else in her village, and she’s about to lose her home because of it.
Everyone in S’atine has what is called a familiar – an animal that they connect with and cannot live without. Aruna has been searching for her familiar for most of her life without luck, and now it seems that because she is different, she is being exiled, and not just from S’atine, but across the barrier sea where the savages live.

Cast out and alone Aruna finally finds an animal that she connects with – a fox called George, but what Aruna doesn’t know is that people who have foxes as their familiars are given a special name. Aruna is a Vulpes, and a great destiny lays in store for her.
What has happened to the Vulpes in the past though? Why is Aruna so special? Why are people so scared of her? And what can she possibly do to help resolve the war that is being fought between the different groups of people?

This was an interesting YA fantasy novel, and Aruna’s fox was quite a sweet touch.

Aruna grew a lot during this book, going from a still young girl, to a fierce warrior with people to protect. Her transformation was quite amazing, and it was interesting to see this change in her, although she did seem to pick things up quite quickly, as if it was something she was born to do.
I liked the fox - George, and thought that the idea of multiple tails was quite a unique one.

The storyline was okay, although as I seem to be finding with fantasy books recently, I did get confused about who was who, and who was fighting against who, etc. I thought the idea of familiars was a good one, and in the beginning reminded me a little of Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. The war that was going on was pretty complex, and it seemed that there were multiple parties involved, and multiple prejudices too, which was a lot for Aruna to try and solve.
Overall; an interesting YA fantasy.
6 out of 10.

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