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A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

A Kiss in Time
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Talia fell under a spell...Jack broke the curse.

I was told to beware the accursed spindle, but it was so enchanting, so hypnotic...

I was looking for a little adventure the day I ditched my tour group. But finding a comatose town, with a hot-looking chick asleep in it, was so not what I had in mind.

I awakened in the same place but in another time—to a stranger's soft kiss.

I couldn't help kissing her. Sometimes you just have to kiss someone. I didn't know this would happen.

Now I am in dire trouble because my father, the king, says I have brought ruin upon our country. I have no choice but to run away with this commoner!

Now I'm stuck with a bratty princess and a trunk full of her jewels...The good news: My parents will freak!

Think you have dating issues? Try locking lips with a snoozing stunner who turns out to be 316 years old. Can a kiss transcend all—even time?

A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Kiss in Time(Source: I borrowed a copy of this book.)
When Talia was a baby she was cursed by an evil witch – she would touch a spindle before her 16th birthday, and would die. Thankfully another witch changed the curse so that Talia and her kingdom would only sleep, until awakened by a kiss from Talia’s true love.
On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Talia is tricked into touching a spindle, and falls asleep.

300 years later Jack, a boy on a trip abroad gets lost and stumbles upon the kingdom of Euphrasia, and wakes princess Talia, only when he kissed her he didn’t plan on ending up hitched to a 316 year old princess.

Talia is upset when her father is angry about the fact that the entire kingdom has been asleep for 300 years, and so she decides to run away with Jack, and hopefully get him to fall in love with her, as he is obviously her true love.
Can Talia bring Jack around? Can she adjust to living in the present time? And does the evil witch have even more in store for Talia?

This was a nice retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and I liked that the story moved on from the original, and then focused on Talia’s life post-awakening.

Talia was a sweet girl, and didn’t really deserve the blame that her father heaped on her for something that wasn’t her fault. I liked how she adapted to modern society though, and how she never gave up on Jack, even when things weren’t going the way she planned.
Jack was also pretty sweet, and it was nice that he agreed to help Talia, even when he had no real feelings for her. It was also funny how annoyed his ex-girlfriend was when she saw him with Talia.

I liked the storyline in this book, and I liked the fact that the story concentrated on what happened to Talia after she was awoken, which was something new and different from the original story of sleeping beauty. I liked the eventual romance, and I also thought that the ending was both fitting and happy.
Overall; a retelling that goes further than the original story.
6.75 out of 10.

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  1. I love sweet characters. :) They make me smile.