Sunday, 23 June 2013

"A Cause for Concern" celebrating the release of Sunbolt, a YA fantasy novella by Intisar Khanani

  "A Cause for Concern" 

Did you know that around 5000 children die every day from drinking dirty water? 

And 16,000 children die every day from Hunger.

"A Cause for Concern" celebrates the release of Sunbolt, a YA fantasy novella by Intisar Khanani. Sunbolt tells the story of Hitomi, a young woman with a propensity to play hero when people need saving, and her nemesis, a dark mage slowly amassing power in a bid to control the Eleven Kingdoms. Intisar believes that every story has an issue at its heart, however big or small, global or personal. This week offers a chance for bloggers (and readers) who love stories to share the issues that are close to their hearts. What do you wish you could change in the world?


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  1. The numbers are appalling. It's good to be reminded so that you can do more.

  2. Hi Sarah -

    Thanks so much for taking part in "A Cause for Concern." It's amazing how just a couple statistics, placed front and center, can make a person stop and think. These are numbers that shouldn't be, and the question then becomes, what can we do about it? Thanks so much for sharing this post.