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Breaking the Rules by Jennifer Lewis

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Breaking the Rules
Blurb (from Goodreads):
A fortune teller predicted Joe Figueroa would meet the love of his life that very night, so he took fate by the horns and chose his wife. Now his marriage and his naval career are in ruins and he’s got a bone to pick with that psychic. When he tracks her down the haunting gypsy beauty doesn’t look a day older, just more entrancing than ever.

Did Joe choose the wrong woman to marry that night?

Susana Cigan barely recognizes the man whose fate she’d once seen linked with hers. Yet Joe awakens something inside her that stirs her body and threatens her psychic gift. She’s tired of her gypsy heritage confining her in a narrow world of tradition and superstition and knows she could lead this wounded and hostile stranger on a journey to redemption. Will she dare to follow her heart and venture into unfamiliar—and sensual—territory with this man who threatens to break all her rules?
She craved this man. Craved everything about him. His big hard body, his handsome scarred face, his pain-filled eyes. She kept her gaze fixed on the blue ink scrawled over his torso, avoiding the obvious sign of his fierce arousal beneath it.
“You should stay a virgin.”
Even as he said it she knew he didn’t mean it. His hand skimmed along her arm, traced the curve of her armpit and slid down to glide along the underside of her bare breast. The sensation of fingertips on the sensitive skin made her suck in a breath.
“You’ve saved yourself until now. You should wait until the right man comes along.”
But what if you are the right man?
She didn’t say the question aloud, but he heard it anyway.
“I can’t offer you anything beyond a night of pleasure. I know I can offer you that.” His eyes narrowed. “Sexual pleasure is one area of life where I know I won’t disappoint. Where I won’t be disappointed. I guess that’s why it beckons me now, when there’s nothing else I can count on.”
She dropped her eyes to the hand caressing her breast, then back up to meet his steady gaze. “If you think I should wait, why are you still touching me? You’re breaking the rules.” Her voice emerged as a whisper, breathless with want. And with fear. Fear of her own aching need.
“It’s the beast inside me. The crazy, dangerous part that keeps me awake at nights when everyone else is sleeping. The beast wants you.”
“And the honorable man?”
“He wants you, too.”

Breaking the Rules by Jennifer Lewis

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Breaking the Rules(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Mangrove and Netgalley.)
10 years ago, 30-year-old Joe had his fortune told by a gypsy girl in New York, who told him that he would meet the love of his life that very same day. What she didn’t tell him is that she was the girl she saw in his future, and so the girl that he then met and married cheated on him and divorced him.

Wanting to find the gypsy girl and tell her how she ruined his life, Joe goes back to the shop where she worked, and meets the same girl again – Susana.

Susana admits to him that she was the girl she saw with him in the globe, and he tells her that she owes him for not telling him the whole truth of his fortune, and demands that she have dinner with him.

Susana and Joe are instantly attracted to one another, but Susana knows that if she loses her virginity she will also lose her ‘sight’ and her ability to do her job though, and is cautious.
Can Joe and Susana really be destined to be together? Can he forgive her for his failed marriage? What will Susana’s Romany family say if they find that Joe and Susana are together? And is Susana prepared to lose her sight to be with Joe?

This was a sweet romance about an unlikely but destined love affair, and the couple’s desire to be together.

Susana was a sweet but innocent girl, and she was a little afraid of what would happen to her if she lost her sight. Raised by a strict grandmother she had all sorts of ideas that she knew weren’t very modern, and a family that wasn’t very forgiving either. It was sweet when she realised her true feelings for Joe though, and her decision to be with him wasn’t easily made.

Joe had a past and was a little angry over the hand that he had been dealt. He felt betrayed by his wife and his best friend, had issues with his job in the Navy, and blamed some of this on Susana because of her failed prediction. It was sweet to see him lose some of his anger though, and to finally realise the way that he felt about Susana. He really grew during this story, and Susana helped him to see how he really wanted his life to be.

The storyline in this book was quite a typical contemporary romance, with the added factors of Susana’s prediction, Susana’s Romany heritage, and her ‘sight’. There was the added complication of Susana’s family, but the romance followed the typical pattern of boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl go through a rough patch/some hardship, boy and girl admit their feelings and live happily ever after.
There was sex in the story but it wasn’t too erotic, and was dealt with in quite a sweet way.
Overall; a sweet contemporary romance, about a Romany girl with the ‘sight’, and an ex-Navy man with a past.
7 out of 10.

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  1. Sounds okay, For some reason it's not catching my eye, but the characters do sound interesting.