Monday, 8 April 2013

Today I am Reading... Seven Stories High by Alex South

Seven Stories High
Blurb (from Goodreads):
The first book in the 'Be Eclectic' series by short story writer Alex South.

Contains seven short stories:


"I was just about to go to the pub when it started. I had gone into the hall on my way to the front door, when I heard what sounded like a gasp behind me. I turned around and there was a man sitting on the sofa where I had just been. I jumped, of course, and walked a few steps back, then I realised the man was me, well, he looked like me. He wasn’t me; I’m me – obviously.

The man stared – he looked pale – then we said, “Who are you?” in unison, and then we said, “I’m Rob,” also in unison."


A teenager starts receiving mysterious letters in his locker. How did they get there? Who wrote them? And should he follow their bizarre instructions?


Stephen, Albert and Jack – wine smugglers and best friends, but disaster has left them lost at sea and low on food. Hunger can do terrible things to good people.


It's an escape into nature for Annie and Jenny, but then Jenny disappears and the woods take on a new nightmarish identity. Can Annie hold it together long enough to figure out what is going on?


Sam has a band, but he also has an office job – he has to sneak out early if he's going to make the gig in time. Will his boss notice, and is he risking a good job for a stupid dream?


Steph and Jonny are almost tricked into smuggling a package into England. When they realise what's happening, they initially decide to tell the authorities, but then greed takes over as they see a chance to make money. Will they pull it off and live the dream, or will the criminals of Los Angeles do what they do best? – kill them without leaving a trace.


Caught up in the revolution and fighting for the freedom of Egypt, Asim has become a skilled solider. He draws on all his focus as he clears another building. One slip in concentration can be the difference between being the killer or the killed.

Be eclectic.

Download and start reading.

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