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Angelfire (Dark Angel, #1) by Hanna Peach

Angelfire (Dark Angel, #1)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
An army of angels walk among us. They have kept us safe and ignorant, so far.

Earthbound for centuries and ruled by the Elders, they have established hidden cities, a society and The Code: obey your Elders, kill all demons, eliminate Rogue-angels, protect the mortals, remain hidden. Their warriors are the ungifted earthborn angels armed with blades and the ‘borrowed magics’ of distilled angel-blood tattoos.

Alyxandria is a young warrior with a fondness for customized knives and illegal night-races. If only she could overcome the taint of her parents who abandoned her to become Rogues.

When Alyx saves Israel, a gifted mortal with a past, she is forbidden to see him again. But she can’t help herself, drawn to him through their Guardian-bond, an ancient and long-forgotten bond; if he dies, she dies.

An encounter with a handsome Rogue leaves Alyx questioning all she has been taught to believe. Alyx begins to dig into the Elders’ secrets. Two thousand years of secrets that begin with the death of the Archangel Raphael. She is not prepared when she uncovers an Elder’s dark plan.

Somewhere on earth is a key to unlock hell. Somewhere on earth are pieces of an amulet that controls Lucifer and his army. Somehow Israel is the link and now both sides are after him. Who can Alyx trust when Good and Evil is no longer clear?

The war for earth begins.

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Angelfire by Hanna Peach

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Angelfire (Dark Angel, #1)
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18-year-old Alyx is an angel (or seraphim) who works as a lightbringer – a soldier in the battle against the demons (or darkenings). Her parents were both ‘rogues’ – angels who went against the rules and fell in love with each other, and were kicked out of the lightbringers.

Alyx suddenly begins having dreams of events that are yet to happen, and gets herself in trouble because of them – the daughter of two rogues cannot possibly be a prophet! But then Alyx finds herself dreaming of one boy in particular – a mortal boy (Israel), and things begin to make even less sense. What Alyx does know though is that she needs to protect Israel, and that she’d give her life to do it.

Alyx is in for even more trouble when a valuable artefact goes missing from one of the guardian’s rooms, and she is somehow implicated.
Why was the amulet stolen? Why does Alyx feel the need to protect Israel? And is there any way for an angel and a mortal to be together?

I really wasn’t sure about this book in the beginning, but thankfully it got better!

Alyx was a girl who knew that she was looked down upon because of her parents, but was also determined to be a great lightbringer, and determined to get what she wanted. She wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she thought was right, and wasn’t afraid to displease people if that’s what happened when she did what she needed to do. She also wasn’t afraid to confront people if she thought that they lied to her, and had a strong moral compass.

Israel was a likeable character, and he grew on me as the story progressed. I had a bit of a difficult time keeping up with a lot of the other characters, but funnily enough, at one point the boy who Alyx was supposed to be ‘entwined’ with (like marriage) grew on me quite a bit too.

I did find the story difficult to get into at first, but thankfully it picked up. I liked the romance most, even though Alyx and Israel’s relationship was a little strange(!), and it was interesting to find out what really happened to Alyx’s parents. Alyx and Israel’s relationship did progress quite quickly it seemed to me, but I think this was needed to get in certain plot points.

The ending was alright, and it was obvious that there would be more books in this series to continue the on-going storylines. I believe this is the author’s debut novel, and I’m guessing that this series will get better as it goes along.
Overall; an interesting start to a angels and demons series.
6.5 out of 10.

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  1. I'm happy you liked it overall. I agree with everything you said. That cover is so pretty.