Sunday, 10 March 2013

Zombies Don't Write Valentines: A Living Dead Short Story by Rusty Fischer - FREE Download

Zombies Don't Write Valentines: A Living Dead Short Story
Once upon a time, Sarah and Brody dated. Now he's one of the living dead, and can't remember her name. Or... can he? When Brody asks Sarah to help him make a Valentine's Day card, she'll find out whether or not zombies can still remember what to do on February 14th!

Zombies Don't Write Valentines: A Living Dead Short Story by Rusty Fischer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zombies Don't Write Valentines: A Living Dead Short Story(Source: Downloaded for free from
Sarah lives in a world where most of the population are zombies, including her mother, brother, and most recently her boyfriend Brody,
Zombies don’t remember anything from their lives before they were infected, although Sarah wishes the Brody could. It’s disheartening when he’s asking her to help him make vaentines cards for other girls.
Is there any chance that Brody remembers who Sarah is? And will he ever ask her to make a valentine card for her?

This is a short story, although I must say that the world building is really impressive. So much information is crammed into this short story, and really sets the scene.

Sarah seems like an average teenager, obviously trying to cope with the loss of so many loved ones, and it isn’t a stretch to see why she wants Brody to remember her. The idea of wanting him to ask her to make a valentines card for her was a bittersweet one, and I think she really just wanted to feel like she had meant something to someone, seeing as she had no one else left after the zombies had taken so many.

I liked the way that some of the zombies in this story were domesticated and given jobs to make themselves useful, instead of being made to fend for themselves out in the Z-zone, although there were obviously rules concerning these zombies too!

This is quite a sweet story overall, and I really liked the world building. I will certainly be checking out this authors other books!
Overall; a YA zombie story with a bittersweet edge.
7 out of 10.

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  1. OMG this sounds so cute. I love the title. Happy you enjoyed it.

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