Thursday, 10 January 2013

Today I am Reading... Kismetology by Jaimie Admans

Blurb (from Goodreads):Kismetology
Finding the perfect man isn't easy. Especially when it's for your mother...

Mothers. Can't live with them, can't live without them, can't live three doors down the road without them interfering in every aspect of your life.

Mackenzie Atkinson's mother has meddled in her love life once too often and something has to be done. Mackenzie decides to turn the tables and find love for her lonely mother.
Her lonely and very fussy mother.
Surely finding an older gentleman looking for love won't be that hard, right?
If you've ever thought that boys grow up, here's the problem: They don't. Ever.
And Mackenzie is about to learn that the hard way.

Faced with a useless boyfriend, dressed up dogs, men who wear welly boots on dates, men who shouldn't be allowed out in public, and men who make reptiles seem like attractive company - will she ever find the perfect man for her neurotic mother?


This book is laugh your face off funny! So good!


  1. "Dressed up dogs and men who make reptiles seem like attractive company"??

    Lol!Sounds really hilarious!Can't wait to read your review for this one. :D

  2. I love a book that makes me laugh! Will wait for your review :)

    1. Won't be long - hopefully we will have a giveaway too!

  3. Such a cute cover. Draws the eye right away.

  4. Wait this hit to close to home. DO NOT LET ALEXANDRIA READ!!! Next thing you know she will be trying to find me a man.

    1. She should definitly read this - it will put her off the idea!