Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Netgalley - Read Now!

I know that a lot of us get constantly rejected on netgalley (especially by penguin) so I often get really excited when I find a book on Netgalley that is 'read now' rather than 'request', because this means instant approval! Here are a few 'Read now' books that I found on Netgalley, which everybody can read and enjoy ☺
Happy reading and reviewing!



  1. Thanks for this! I agree it is frustrating when that rejection email comes, so it's nice to have a freebie :)

  2. I really is annoying when there's that ONE book you badly want and once you request for it you get rejected! :(

    I LOVE NetGalley though,have you tried Edelweiss(It's something similar to NetGalley I hear)?

    Thank you so much for posting these! :)

    1. Yes I have an edelweiss account, I like it at times cause they have quite a few 'read now' try books. Think I will have a look and maybe post some tomorrow :)

  3. Seeing that Read Now is like the best part of my day. :)

  4. I've never used Netgalley, so no rejections for me :)

  5. Just crap! I tried to make Alexa a Netgalley account. It will not let me fill out the profile info therefore I can't surprise her with it, nor can she request any until the profile is filled out... gurr!!!!

    Still not fixed, had to contact customer service via email. No responce yet. She has 75 followers... I want it ready when she reaches 100 followers.