Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt

The Gathering Darkness
Blurb (fromGoodreads):
They say "third time's the charm", and for sixteen-year-old Brooke Day, they had better be right. She’s been here before, twice in fact, and an evil demon-witch wants her dead a third time.

When Brooke is forced to leave Boston for the small town of Deadwich, she thinks her life is over. Before long, her new friends start acting strange—downright evil. But worse than that, nightmares she’s had her whole life become reality.

Enter Marcus Knight; popular, hot, and the only person Brooke can trust. Not to mention, they’ve shared the same nightmares.

With the discovery of an ancient Celtic amulet, Brooke and Marcus unravel the secrets of her past, which reveals the key to her future.

As the equinox approaches:

Darkness and light merge for the first time in a century.

Soul-mates reunite.

Magic awakens.

The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt

My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

The Gathering Darkness(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Curiosity Quills Press and Netgalley.)
Brooke is being sent to Deadwich to stay with her aunt and uncle, after being arrested for underage drinking (even though she wasn’t the one actually drinking).
Now she has to stay in a place that she has never liked, and work at a place she never wants to even see, never mind go inside – Ravenwyck Inn.

The one good thing about Deadwich is Marcus, a boy who Brooke can’t help but be attracted too, even though his twin brother shows more interest than he does.
There’s something weird happening though. Every time Brooke sees Maggie from the Inn she gets a strange pain up her arm, and she’s plagued by nightmares in which she chased through a dark forest by people in cloaks.

Then there’s the strange pendant she found in the woods which matches a tattoo that Marcus got the day she arrived, and the strange old trunk in the attic at the Inn.
Who is Maggie? Why does Brooke feel so threatened by her? Why does Brooke only feel safe when she’s wearing the pendant? And why is Marcus’ brother so hands-on with her when she’s only got eyes for Marcus?

This was an interesting YA story about witchcraft. Brooke and Marcus are drawn together, and discover what is going on in Deadwich together. (Have to say that Deadwich is a very appropriate and ironic name for this village!)

I liked the idea of Brooke and Marcus’ matching symbols (the pendant and the tattoo). It seemed a bit corny and coincidental at first, but I grew to appreciate it, and even like it. The romance between Marcus and Brooke was sweet, and I really felt for them that they were forced to spend time apart a lot of the time.

I thought that the ideas used to eventually explain what was happening were done well. (Not to give spoilers.) and I liked that not everybody was affected! Too many times it turns out that everybody is supernatural, or has had something supernatural happen to them, which is just too far-fetched, but that didn’t happen here. I also liked the back story behind the whole thing, including the twists that I couldn’t guess!

Overall; YA witchcraft and romance.
6 out of 10.



  1. What an awesome cover. And I haven't read many novels about witches, so I may give this a try.

    Great post!

  2. Sounds pretty good overall. Witches is not a "genre" I read a lot for some reason.