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Betrayals in Spring (The Last Year, #3) by Trisha Leigh

Betrayals in Spring (The Last Year, #3)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Althea assumes now that she, Pax, and Lucas are reunited in spring that the next steps are obvious - locate Deshi and prepare to take down the Others once and for all. But she doesn't expect the subtle changes in Lucas.

After being left alone last season with only his Element father for company, Lucas has started to question whether their rightful place isn't with the strange alien race as opposed to humanity. When an emergency forces Lucas to aid the Others so they can remain on Earth, Althea worries that she's lost him once and for all.

The one thing she knows is that Deshi's the key to any hope of reclaiming the planet. So as the Others gut their already wobbly support system, Althea and Pax gather together the beginnings of a plan - and maybe an army.

Even if she can convince Lucas their side is the right one, the Prime Other holds Deshi captive and shrouds any knowledge about their fourth in clouds of secrecy. What they discover deep underground is a roadblock they didn't expect - and one that could steal their last hope of saving humanity.

Betrayals in Spring by Trisha Leigh

My rating: 9.25 out of 10 stars

Betrayals in Spring (The Last Year, #3)(Source: Purchased on kindle from for only £2.56!)
This is the third book in the ‘The Last Year’ series, and kicks off where book 2 ‘Winter Omens’ left off. **Warning – some unavoidable spoilers for books 1 and 2**
Althea, Pax, and Lucas are back in the cabin where Pax and Althea were previously staying, after the fight with the ‘Others’ at the end of Winter Omens. Pax is injured and unconscious, whilst Althea and Lucas care for him as best they can.
Things are a bit tense between Lucas and Althea, as Lucas is upset that Althea was with Pax last season whilst he was on his own. Althea dislikes that Lucas is upset about this, but at the same time realises that if Lucas had spent last season with some other girl, she would be jealous too.

Things with the ‘Others’ aren’t going too well either. Althea is getting to the point where she is afraid to sleep as her sinum (part of her mind) is under attack by the Others, and she’s has very little protection against them in that respect. Deshi is still being held prisoner, and Cadi is gone.

Althea, Lucas, and Pax must now come up with a new plan. They must work out how to reclaim Deshi, the best way to proceed after that, and how they can help the humans if the worst comes to the worst and the dissidents can’t save Earth.
Can Althea, Lucas, and Pax rescue Deshi? What are the Others currently up to? And how long do they have before the Others are finished with Earth and throw it away like the other planets they have used up and destroyed?

This is the third book in the series, and I loved it just as much as the previous two. Trisha’s writing is excellent, and I just love the whole tone of these books as well as the stories they tell. Starting this book is like coming home again from a long absence, and I honestly cannot recommend this series enough!

I love Althea, Lucas, and Pax. I personally am not a fan of love triangles, but the almost love triangle here actually works, and I totally feel Althea’s warring emotions, even though she makes a definite choice over which boy she is in love with in this instalment (well done Althea!).
The romance in this book is in a good balance with everything else that’s going on, and is a nice side story, without being too much or too little. I have to say that I did really enjoy this little romance storyline as much as the post-apocalyptic storyline.

Lucas and Pax both have their own characteristics and way of doing things, and they’re both great characters. I really can’t wait to see how Deshi will fit in to this group in book 4. I love the way that the group have been slowly bought together over the course of the series, and how they’ve grow together.

The ending? OMG – can’t believe we’ve left Althea where we’ve left her! I need to read the next book now!

Overall; This series really is one of my most favourite series of all time, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next instalment! Thanks so much to Trisha Leigh for writing such an amazing series of books! Highly recommended!
9.25 out of 10.



  1. I love how the covers of this series fit together to form the girl's face. I can't wait to see what the fourth one looks like!

  2. I've got to agree with the awesomeness of this cover!

  3. Wow, this is one of the highest reviews I have seen from you. Now I am intrigued.

  4. You have almost finished the series. I love the covers!