Thursday, 15 November 2012

This week I am Reading...

Hi Guys, sorry I haven't been about much this week but my broadband is not working!!!!!!!! Wanted to throw the router out of the window yesterday, but thankfully restrained myself. Got it working at the moment but I don't know how long for, so might not get any kindle freebie posts up :(

On the bright side I did manage to read 1 book yesterday and am starting a new one today :)

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter is the heartbreaking story of the journey from childhood to adulthood, with an intriguing science fictional twist.

There’s never been anyone - or anything - quite like Finn.
He looks, and acts human, though he has no desire to be. He was programmed to assist his owners, and performs his duties to perfection. A billion-dollar construct, his primary task is to tutor Cat.
When the government grants rights to the ever-increasing robot population, however, Finn struggles to find his place in the world.

This was really good! Full review closer to release date - 07/02/13 

The Athena Effect (The Athena Effect, #1)
Country girl Cali has been kept a secret her entire life, raised in isolation by two very troubled people. Despite her parent’s disturbing fits, Cal is perfectly content, living at one with the nature that surrounds her, and finding adventure inside the pages of her beloved books. When an awful tragedy tears her away from her remote cabin in the woods, nothing she’s ever read has prepared her for a world that she knows very little about.

Girls and motorcycles are what bad-boy Cal’s life is all about. Brought up in a raucous party house by his biker brother, he’s free to do as he pleases, going through the motions on his final days of high school. Aimless, Cal stopped thinking about his future a long time ago.

Attacked by a gang of thugs while running an errand for his brother, Cal is in serious trouble until a fierce girl appears out of nowhere to intervene. She chases off three grown men, sparing Cal a brutal beating before disappearing into the night like a spirit. He can’t stop thinking about his mysterious rescuer, and when she turns out to be the weird new girl at school who goes out of her way to avoid him, he can’t contain his curiosity.

He’s never met anyone like her before, and the more he learns about the unusual girl who shares his nickname, the more he wants to know. Cal can’t help falling for Cal, but can he keep her from falling victim to a dangerous enemy from her parent’s tragic past?

Reading this one now. Not read anything like this before - Cal can see and change peoples emotions by looking at their auras!


  1. The mad scientists daughter looks good, but the Athena Effect looks even better.

  2. I am so so interested in the Mad Scientist's Daughter. Can't wait to see what you think.