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Thankful for Books Giveaway Hop - The Baby Game by James A Thomas and Vidya Samson


 The Baby Game
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Schoolteacher Samantha Morgan wants only to go to India and pick up
the baby that's being carried by a surrogate--the baby belonging to
her and her beloved late husband.

But a mysterious woman contacts her and brings up a long forgotten
event: her seduction by an older man at age fifteen. Samantha tries
to put that back in the past, but a friend and fellow victim of the seducer delivers some startling news: that older man is now the Republican candidate for president.

It becomes apparent that some people want her to come forward and
destroy his chances. She wants no part of the notoriety. Then her friend’s home is blown up, and it's obvious that another, more sinister group wants her silent forever. She flees to India to get her baby, and there her real troubles begin.

The Baby Game by James A. Thomas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Baby Game(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)
Sam can’t have a baby cause she caught chlamydia when she was 15, so now she’s having a baby with her dead husband via a surrogate in India. She’s all set to fly over to India to collect her baby, when a strange woman warns her about the man she had an affair with when she was 15.
As it turns out, the man who gave Sam chlamydia is the very same man who is running for president, just using another name, and certain parties are very interested in getting Sam to come forward about the affair, to ruin the chances of the man being elected.
Of course, as desperate as one political party is to make what happened to Sam public knowledge, the other political party is desperate to keep it covered up, and both parties will go to any lengths to get what they want.
So with hired killers out to get her, and her babies surrogate mother kidnapped, Sam sets off to India, not knowing that yet another problem has arisen in India – her husband’s sperm sample was mislabelled, and now her husband is not her babies father!
Will Sam ever get her baby? Which political party will get their way? And exactly who is behind the kidnapping of Sam’s surrogate?

This is an interesting crime/mystery novel, with no shortage of bad guys, guns, political intrigue, and oh yes…babies!

There are several interlocking storylines in this book –the first and second revolve around politics – the man running for president who has hired someone to systematically get rid of all the underage girls he slept with, and the opposing party who are trying to get Sam to come forward about the affair before the man is elected. Then there is the storyline involving the surrogates and babies being kidnapped, and then the storyline about a mix-up at the fertility clinic in India that the owners would like to cover up. Because of these interlocking storylines, the reader is kept in the dark as to who is behind the events that happen, and how the story will pan out.
I have to say that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sam, I thought she was a bit silly, and totally single minded in wanting to collect her baby. Her decisions were not well thought out, and her friend who went with her was slightly crazy herself, and also made some strange choices.
Some of the events were a little coincidental, but did add to the storyline, and thankfully the gun fights were not gory. The ending wasn’t perfect, but that would have been quite difficult taking into account the whole mix-up at the fertility clinic!
Overall; and interesting crime/mystery novel.
6 out of 10.

Thanks to the Author - Vidya Samson for making this giveaway possible ☺

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