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Book and Author Spotlight (+Giveaway) Shifted Perspective by J. Bridger

Shifted Perspective (Tails of Change, #1)

Blurb (from Goodreads):
Caleb Byrne is a bright high school senior who has enough to deal with between college choices, taking care of his single dad, and dealing with his headstrong girlfriend Joanna and an eccentric set of cousins in California. He was managing to get by until the day he woke up a Cocker Spaniel. Even if it only happens monthly and is more embarrassing than painful, the so-called ability is something that he's anxious to be rid of.

He didn't realize his transformations would drag him into a hidden society of canine and lupine shape shifters as well as a family legacy he hates. To make matters worse, after moving to Los Angeles to learn more about his heritage from his Aunt Moira and his cousin Kalista, Caleb now struggles through life-and-death matters. He keeps angering the werewolves in charge of the shifter world, especially Kalista's boyfriend Peter, the Southern California alpha's son, who also happens to be grade-A sociopath. Worse, Caleb's floundering to keep his secret from Joanna.

While his family offers him some support, they may not be enough as Caleb realizes that the rules in shifter society---number one is supposed to be don't kill humans---are not so ironclad. Some werewolf out there is leaving a blood-soaked trail across the Midwest and it might just be with the alpha's blessing..

Shifted Perspective by J. Bridger

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Shifted Perspective (Tails of Change, #1)(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to J. Bridger.)
Caleb thinks that the most he has to worry about is tuition, and leaving his dad on his own when he gets an early admissions letter to Duke University to study engineering. That’s until he wakes up naked in the basement one morning.
No knowing what’s going on, he thinks he must have started sleep-walking, but nothing prepares him for the morning he wakes up to find that he isn’t himself at all – in fact he has paws and fur, and can understand everything his pet dog is saying!
Unfortunately for Caleb, he’s turned into a cocker spaniel, one of the least magical and ferocious things he can think of to turn into.
Hiding it from his dad isn’t an option, and the second time it happens he has to confess. Luckily his dad is happy to help him, although his dreams of Duke are over – how could he possibly hide this from a roommate?
More surprises are in store when it seems that Caleb isn’t the only member of his family who’s able to do this, and he suddenly finds himself in a ‘pack’ situation in LA where his mother’s estranged family live.

This was an interesting little book with a fairly unique idea that I hadn’t really heard of before. I loved that Caleb shifted into something less than spectacular, although he did unfortunately have to put up with some more standard ‘pack’ rules once he got to LA.
I thought that the number of shifters Caleb’s family claimed to exist was a pretty sizeable number, and was a little unsure as to how such a large number of shifters could remain under the radar, but they seemed to manage fairly well.
I felt really sorry for Caleb at times. He hadn’t exactly had a normal upbringing due to his mother’s absence, and it seemed really unfair that not only was he unable to take his place at Duke, but he was also unable to tell the girl that he loved exactly what was going on either.

Overall; a different kind of YA shifter novel!
6.5 out of 10.

Interview With the Author -

J. Bridger

Hi! Welcome to the blog!
1)  When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing for about eight years, but I started first with Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction. Then it changed to writing original short stories and sharing it with friends online.

2)   What was your inspiration for ‘Shifted Perspective’?

I have four adorable dogs---two yorkies, a beagle/Airedale mix, and a schnauzer---so a big seed for this book was me wondering “What are they really thinking?”

3)   What three words would you use to best describe ‘Shifted Perspective’?

Quirky, compelling, and heartwarming.

4)   What are your favourite things about the character Caleb?

I like that he’s just an average guy. Yes, he’s smart because he got accepted essentially as a pre-med student at Duke, but he’s just a guy trying to live his own life when all this bizarre drama unfolds around him. I also like that he’s not a big tough werewolf or even a pitbull. He’s just this very modest breed of shifter (Cocker Spaniel), and he has to learn to deal in a world where he might have the brains but not the fangs to back up what he’s saying.

5)   ‘Shifted Perspective’ is the first in a series, when can we look forward to the next instalment?

Well that’s actually a two-part answer!

I have the next full sequel set for mid-winter/early spring 2013. I’m finishing up draft one, but I don’t think it’ll be out any earlier than the middle of March. Still, that story will continue about a month later from where Shifted Perspective left off. Caleb will still be struggling with his abilities and also with some of the looming threats left lingering from book one. Oh, and he meets up with a selkie that just makes his life that much more complicated!

However, I’m also editing my anthology of Christmas stories. It’ll be out about the fifteenth of December and will consist of a series of standalones with flashback stories of Caleb’s childhood as well as glimpses of this Christmas, 2012, out in California with the pack. So that would make for a fun howl-iday gift (I couldn’t resist).

7)   Can you tell us what you’re working on at the moment?

I am still plugging away very hard on the Tails of Change series, as mentioned above.

However, I have two other ideas that I’m working into outlines: a young adult story focusing on a Latina half-demon and a paranormal romance about a young woman of Korean descent who is a werewolf hunter. Still, I probably won’t be able to fully flesh out those drafts until after Second Skin, the sequel to Shifted Perspective, comes out in March or April. Hopefully, I might be able to get one of these newer ideas out as a book by next December (2013), but we’ll have to see.

I guess I have more ideas that time, but who doesn’t?

8)   Other than your own, what are your favourite books?

I have a passion for some older classics like The Wind in the Willows and the entire Wizard of Oz series. I also discovered a love for young adult novels/set stories with K.A. Applegate’s Animorphs series

Random Questions
-          what’s your favourite treat?
I love mac ‘n cheese!
-          What’s your Favourite place to read/write?
My armchair. I like writing in coffee shops, but I hate having to pack up my stuff and move it every time I have to get a drink or use the facilities. At home is so much more casual!
-          If you won the lottery what would you most look forward to spending money on?
Trips. I’d go to all the places I’d ever wanted to see and then to the ones I think would make fun locations for books. Hmmm, maybe I need to work that list up. I am sure I can write-off “trip to Bahamas” as a book writing expense. ;)
-          If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
La Paz, Bolivia. I lived there while studying abroad, and I feel in love with the city and the country. I’d live there in a heartbeat.

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  1. I love the sound of this one, I have been waiting for your review. The plot is so different from the usual shifter books.
    The interview is great.
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  2. I am certainly intrigued by SHIFTED PERSPECTIVE. I always appreciate a unique approach.

  3. Great Interview. I think this book sounds interesting becuase the concept is so unique. Awesome review.

  4. Shifted Perspective sounds like a hoot of a read. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share with us and for this generous giveaway opportunity :)