Monday, 22 October 2012

Dark Storm by Sarah Singleton

Dark Storm Blurb (from Goodreads):
Ellie is staying with her maternal grandparents for the summer, while her recently bereaved dad takes off on holiday with his new girlfriend. Upset by his apparent callousness, missing her mother, and jealous for her dad's attention, she begins to spiral into depression. Her grandparents suggest she joins a local theatre group, to meet people her own age and get away from the dark thoughts that threaten to engulf her. But then she gets roped into a seance at the theatre, and is the only one who actually sees a real ghost. Now a spirit is contacting her from beyond the grave - and as the dead boy's story unfolds, Ellie finds herself falling in love with him. But if she solves his mystery and helps release his soul, will he be lost to her forever?

Dark Storm by Sarah Singleton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dark Storm(Source: I borrowed a copy of this book.)
18-year-old Ellie is staying with her grandparents for the summer, in a small coastal town in the UK. Her mother died 18 months ago and her father has gone on holiday to the US with his new girlfriend who Ellie doesn’t like.
On her first day in town she goes into a second-hand book store, and finds an old model theatre which she buys for only £5. That night she smells a strange scent in her room, and finds a message written to her in her journal. The message turns out to be from Harry – a 19-year-old boy who played Mercutio in a showing of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the small theatre in the town in 1896.
Ellie has signed up to do a show in the exactly same theatre as part of a youth theatre project, and when she is at the theatre begins to be able to see and talk to the mysterious Harry.
How did Harry die though? Why can’t he remember his death? Why is he still hanging around the old theatre? And is Ellie really falling in love with a ghost?

This was an enjoyable read, but did have its flaws. There was some mystery as to who Harry was, and why he was still around, and Ellie made a point of trying to puzzle together information from over 100 years ago.
I have to say I don’t really see why she fell in love with him though. I mean, Yes – he told her she was beautiful, and Yes – she liked that nobody else knew about him, but I really didn’t get why she was supposedly in love with him. If anything he was a little abrupt with her at times and even tried to convince her that SHE was the ghost, not him!
I also thought that the way that Harry died turned out to be a bit silly, and I still don’t really get why Ellie went on the witch hunt she went on, trying to find out more about Harry’s family. Sure there was some mystery there, but I personally would not go all the way to Paris, on the off chance that my ghost boyfriend’s sister’s granddaughter might possibly know something about her great-uncle’s death, who died years before she was even thought of, never mind born.
There was a side storyline about Ellie’s new friends (who weren’t ghosts), and their love lives, but I found that a bit shallow really. Ellie’s new best friend claimed to have feelings for her best friend Alex, who seemed obviously into Ellie (damn love triangle), and then said new best friend is suddenly dating someone else!
I have to say that I think this is the poorest book I have read by this author, I have loved her other books such as ‘Century’, ’Heretic’, ‘Sacrifice’, and ‘The Amethyst Child’, but this just fell really short.
Overall; an interesting contemporary YA, but not up to the author’s usual high standards.
6.5 out of 10.

Did I like this: It was okay
Would I read it again: Probably not.
Would I recommend it: Probably not - the authors other works are better, and there are better ghost love stories out there too (eg: Ever by Jessa Russo.) Borrow rather than buy.


  1. Thanks for the review -- I 'll try one of the author's other books first!

  2. Everyone has a bad day. Maybe the next one will be better. :-)

  3. I've been hearing about EVER. Will have to look into it!