Monday, 13 August 2012

Today I am Reading... Phoenix (Beautiful Dead #4) by Eden Maguire

Phoenix (Beautiful Dead, #4)
Blurb (from Goodreads):
Darina is in denial. Even after all she’s been through, the Beautiful Dead can’t be real. They must be a figment of her grief-stricken imagination. But visions of Phoenix and Hunter prove otherwise and soon she’s drawn back to Foxton, to the barn, to Phoenix - where they have, what may just be, their final reunion.

It’s the moment they’ve been dreading - time to solve Phoenix’s mystery. Everything has been building to this but Darina knows that revealing the true circumstances of Phoenix’s death will lead to their final parting. With this impossible mixture of emotions, Darina begins to unscramble the facts, but she’s up against mounting obstacles: the distraction of Hunter’s personal mystery, Phoenix’s returning father, threats of gang violence and conspiracies to blur and block the truth.

With time pressure mounting and the risk of Phoenix being sent back into unending limbo, Darina puts herself in danger, and so the mystery of the Beautiful Dead builds into a heart-breaking climax...

Happy monday everyone! My kindle is MIA so I'm catching up with my library books today ☺ 
Can't wait to find out how Darina is going to cope with saying goodbye to Phoenix forever...

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