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Ascend by Amanda Hocking

Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3)Ascend by Amanda Hocking
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(I was given this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)
This is book 3 in the ‘Trylle’ trilogy. **Warning** Unavoidable spoilers for books 1 & 2 – ‘Switched’ and ‘Torn’.
It is now a couple of months since the end of ‘Torn’. Elora is unwell, and growing weaker by the day, and Wendy has taken over a lot of the responsibilities of ruling the Trylle. Wendy seems to have grown up so much, that she is almost unrecognisable as the child she was in ‘’switched’.

The King of the Vittra (Oren), Wendy’s father, is still intent on taking over the Trylle, and even with the cease-fire in place, he is hunting down the Trylle changelings and attacking them.

Things with Wendy and her three suitors haven’t really changed; Finn is still out tracking, Loki has asked for amnesty and continues to flirt with her, and she is still engaged to be married to Tove.

With her mother’s death and her own coronation looming, and peace between the Trylle and Vittra on shakey ground, it’s up to Wendy to try and find a way to stop her father, before all of the Trylle end up dead.

I enjoyed this book, even if I didn’t agree with some of the storylines. I felt that Wendy could really have tried harder to make the relationship with Tove transform into something more than friendship, but she didn’t even really give it a chance.

It was interesting to see how much Wendy had matured from the previous two books, but I really don’t know where she got all her confidence from. Her relationship with her mother had also developed, so much so that it was like her mother was a totally different person.

(view spoiler)[ I hated the way that Wendy treated the three boys that she was romantically involved with. She accused Finn of not fighting for her which I thought was very unfair. Especially as it was Wendy that turned him down the night before her wedding.

She never gave her relationship with Tove a chance. Arranged marriages take work like any marriage, but with time the two people may well learn to love each other. Wendy and Tove barely spoke to each other.

I also thought the thing with Loki was a bit odd. I never really got how she fell in love with him. There was very little in the way of romance between them.

I also have to say that at the age of 18, Wendy has murdered her father, committed adultery, is on her second marriage, and is pregnant. I don’t really see this as much of an example to set to a teen audience! (hide spoiler)]

7 out of 10.
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  1. Yay, I love this series so much and I'm so glad that you enjoyed this final installment! :) I still haven't gotten to Ascend yet because I've been hearing so many mixed thoughts about the ending and I'm kind of scared to... But it's a good thing that you could still enjoy it even though some of Wendy's decisions bugged you too!

    Really awesome review, Sarah! I feel that it's required for my to declare my love for Loki right now LOL! x) <3

    1. I was hesitant to read this 'cause I loved the first book, and didn't really like the second. I'm afraid I'm on team Finn though, I just don't get the whole Loki thing!