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Stealing Phoenix by Joss Sterling

Stealing Phoenix (Benedict, #2)Stealing Phoenix by Joss Stirling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(I was given this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)
17-year-old Phoenix is a thief, and what’s more; she’s good at it.

Raised in a community of Savants in London, Phoenix has the ability to freeze people’s brainwaves, effectively stopping time for a few seconds. This time she uses to pick pockets, rummage through bags, and slip past security guards.

Stalking out a boy who she thinks is just another target, Phoenix is shocked when it appears that the boy (Yves) is fighting her mind freeze, and even more shocked when the items she steals from him suddenly catch fire for no reason.

Yves is also a savant, but he’s a member of the savant net – a group of savants who use their powers for good. Nobody is more shocked him, when he finally catches up with Phoenix and discovers that she is his soulfinder – the other part of his soul that completes him.

Things are never simple though. The Seer – the leader of the community in which Phoenix lives, has planted suggestions in Phoenix’s head that stop her from betraying him, or leaving him. Instead she must steal for him, and now he wants information from Yves concerning the Savant net

Can Yves turn against his family for his soulfinder? Because if Yves wants to steal Phoenix, it may take more than he’s willing to sacrifice.

I enjoyed this book, although I thought that a lot of the time Phoenix made some very bad decisions. Running from Yves seemed a bit silly, not leaving the community when she had the chance was a bit silly, and not trusting that he would find a way to work things out was also silly. If she had tried to work with Yves rather than against him, things would have been a lot easier for her.

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My favourite part of the story was that Phoenix and Yves got married. I wanted to get married at 19 and my parents forbade it so I am very jealous!
My least favourite part was when Phoenix found out that she wasn’t really related to her two half-brothers. I didn’t see the reason for this. Just because you have bad genes, doesn’t mean that you are a bad person yourself. I think it would have made Phoenix a stronger character if she could have dealt with this problem rather than getting a reprieve.
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7 out of 10.

Addition: When I wrote this review there was something odd about this book that I couldn’t quite put into words, a few days later I’ve sort-of worked out what it is.
These books are about the benedict brothers, but are written from the point of view of the girl who is destined to be with the benedict. This sort of means that the main character of the book, is written about as a secondary character – if that makes any sense?! Not sure I’m explaining it very well, but it’s sort of like if sleeping beauty or Cinderella was written from the prospective of the handsome prince.
Anyway, that is what has been bugging me about this book!

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