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Ignite by Kaitlyn Davis

Ignite (Midnight Fire, #1)Ignite by Kaitlyn Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(I was given this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)
17-year-old Kira has been away at boarding school for several years, but due to financial troubles she now has to complete her senior year at the high school near to her parents’ house.

Starting at her new school, the last thing that Kira expects to have trouble with is vampires. But the gorgeous Tristan is just too good to resist, even if she wanted to.

The trouble is that Tristan is blowing hot and cold, kissing her one minute and running from her the next, and her new friend Luke seems to hate him and she doesn’t know why! Kira can’t turn her back on Tristan though, she is drawn to him, and what’s more he saved her life – surely that must count for something?

Kira doesn’t understand Luke’s problem until Tristan’s friends attack her, and something truly extraordinary happens.What Kira doesn't know is that her parents were conduits - people who could kill or harm vampires. The problem is that her parents were from two different camps (a bit like romeo and juliet), and she is a result of this strange union.

I enjoyed this book. I found it a bit awkward at the beginning, and I got a horrible twilight feeling, which made it difficult to get in to. To be honest it didn’t really hold my attention all that well until I was quite a way in.

The romance between Kira and Tristan was real and sweet, and Luke did his best to help her when she needed him. I liked the new take on killing vampires – it was different to find vampires that can go out in the sun unharmed.

What I didn’t like was the whole love-triangle thing. I am so sick of love triangles, and I never liked them to begin with.

Kira’s new supernatural powers were interesting and not something I have heard of before, so it will be interesting to see where the story goes from here.
6 out of 10.
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